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Creative Feet Picture Ideas (+ Selling & Shooting Tips)

Need to take some professional looking feet pics for a modeling portfolio or to sell online? Here are some ideas to take some great photos of your feet.

If you’re looking for some creative feet picture ideas, this is the article for you.

Whether you want to take feet pics for yourself and your partner or you want to take feet pictures to sell online, these tips can help you out.

Here, you’ll find different poses and creative ideas to make good feet pics.

I’ll also talk about some points to consider when you’re taking photos of feet such as the use of props, good lighting, and identifying your niche.

So, let’s get you ready for your next photo shoot so you can make the best feet pics.

Try These Creative Feet Picture Ideas for Great Results

1. Experiment with feet poses 

Any photograph that includes a person – even if it’s just one part of the body, needs to consider posing.

If you’re working with a foot model, they probably already know how to do it. However, if your subject has no modelling experience, here are some foot poses to give you some ideas.

Since feet pictures have many uses and are done in very different contexts, I decided to divide the different feet poses to make it easier for you.

  • Poses for female feet pics
A woman's bare feet on a window sill.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Stand on the tip of your toes with bare feet. This is one of the best feet picture poses because it shows the foot’s beautiful curve.

A woman is sitting on a gray background with her legs crossed.

Credit: Rocketmann Team

Sit down on the floor with your knees bent. Then, cross the legs halfway through the shinbone. This pose is also suitable for male feet pictures.

A woman's bare feet with jewelry on them.

Credit: Victoria Rain

Put one foot down and the other one slightly higher. Then, make a foot arch with the one that’s hovering for a beautiful feet photo.

A woman's feet with pearls on them.

Credit: Victoria Rain

Extend your toes upward to elongate the feet. This pose showcases the foot structure and looks great in feet photos.

  • Poses for male feet pics

Man's feet in the air with hands holding the legs.

Extend your arms and legs up in the air. Then, hold your legs with your hands.

Two pictures of a man with his feet in a tub and a bottle of wine.

Credit: Victor Candiani (left) / Anna Alexes (right)

Having your feet coming out of the bathtub to create wonderful feet picture poses.

A man in a white shirt is kicking his feet on the beach.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Bend your leg to the back and extend your toes as if you were going to kick something. This is a very dynamic pose that makes good feet pictures.

A man's bare feet next to a pair of red shoes.

Credit: Pixabay

Keep your feet natural and place the shoes next to them. Learn how to photograph shoes to achieve the best results, adjacent to your feet.

  • Poses for group feet pics
Three people sitting on a couch with their bare feet up.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Have your models sit down next to each other. Then, ask them to cross their legs and extend their feet in the same direction. If you need to take feet pics of a group of people, this is a great pose regardless of their gender.

Women's feet under a blanket.

Credit: Anna Shvets

This pose works great for couples. However, you can use this pose if you need to take feet pics of a group of friends. Simply ask them to get in bed and put their feet out. Then, organize them by size or to create an interesting composition.

A group of bridesmaids standing in a circle showing their feet.

Credit: Samantha Gades

Organize the group in a circle and ask them to put one foot in front.

2. Pictures of soles of feet

A black and white photo of a person's feet on a mat.

Credit: Yan Krukau

Feet pics where the bottom of the foot is facing the camera are a great idea. This side offers a lot of texture, which adds visual interest and depth to the photo.

If you’re selling feet pics, note that foot soles aren’t as popular. However, you will have less competition as most photographers focus on the top of the feet.

Also, focusing on the sole makes it easier for you to find interesting angles and create unique pictures. This is because it’s the less visible part of the foot.

3. Backgrounds for feet pics

A woman's feet with stones on them on the beach.

Credit: Evg Kowalievska

When you take feet pics, you’ll want to pay attention to the background.

You can use a neutral backdrop such as a plain white wall or a solid color paper background. This allows the viewer to focus solely on the feet.

Otherwise, you can choose to include part of the scene as the backdrop to include more context in your foot pictures.

However, you should avoid busy backgrounds that compete with the subject for the viewer’s attention.

Check our guide to minimalist photography and how to use negative space for more ideas.

4. Take feet pics at weddings

A bride in a wedding dress sitting on a bed showing her feet

Credit: Maria Ovchinnikova

If the bride and groom are foot lovers, take feet pics of the bride while she is getting ready. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it when you deliver the album.

5. Feet product photography

A pair of yellow socks, a hat and a pair of shoes.

Credit: Apostolos Vamvouras (left) / Thiago Matos (right)

Whether you’re on assignment or you want to sell pictures on stock photography websites, you can take feet pics to promote products.

How to Take Unique Pictures of Feet

In the broadest sense of the term, feet photography refers to any photograph where the feet are the main subject.

If you think of it like that, most people have done feet pics at one time or another.

Who amongst us hasn’t taken a photo where we capture our vacation destination and our feet are in the foreground?

Also, newborn photographers have delighted us with feet pics for decades.

That’s not to mention all the commercial foot pics required for different products and services – Foot spas, feet jewelry, shoes, hosiery, etc

However, there’s been a spike in foot photography as a self-standing photographic genre. In fact, selling feet pics has become an increasingly popular business.


Why are feet photos so popular right now?

There’s no doubt that feet have been a point of attraction for decades – if not centuries. The high heels, pedicures, jewelry and tattoos that we use can attest to this. However, it’s only recently that selling feet pictures online has become profitable.

Many factors come into play to explain this marketing phenomenon. There’s certainly more awareness about the complexity of human sexuality, and many cultures have become more open and accepting of it.

This newfound freedom has allowed people to explore new things and talk about their interests without fear of prejudices.

Many studies find that the foot fetish is one of the most common. Even media stars such as the Kardashian are talking about feet and posting feet pictures on their Instagram accounts.

This is why searching for feet pictures online has become popular. Of course, where there’s demand, the offer grows. So, in response to these searches, people started to sell feet pics.

If you want to enter this market and start selling feet pictures online, you need to create interesting and visually compelling images.

Here are a few points to consider if you want to create professional-looking feet photos.

Find Your Niche

Feet pictures can have many uses. Are you looking to work with influencers with a travel photography style? Then you might want to take good feet pictures outdoors.

Maybe you’re a boudoir photographer who wants to include a feet photoshoot as part of your services. Then, you’ll want to take feet pics in intimate settings.

Perhaps you want to attract high-end fashion brands who want to use foot pictures to promote a high-heel collection.

These are just some examples of why you might want to be taking feet pics. Each one of these has a different style, requires a different setup, etc.

So, the first thing you want to do if you want to take feet photos is to identify what type of images you want to do. This is largely related to the niche or the target market you want to enter.

Once you understand this, you can also study your competitor’s feet photos. Then, start taking feet pictures until you find your own style.

Nail the Right Location

A woman is sitting on a bench wearing white sandals and a bag.

Credit: Duong Nhan

Location, location, location – that’s not just a real estate mantra, it’s used in photography too.

The location where you choose to take feet pics has great significance because it complements the desired mood and theme of the photographs.

For example, if you want to make feet pictures as part of a DIY boudoir photo session, you might want to choose a bedroom or a bathroom. These settings give the feeling of intimacy and create an erotic mood.

Indoor locations aren’t just about sexy pics – you can photograph feet in front of a fireplace on a cabin for a natural and rustic look.

Otherwise, you can use landscapes to take feet pics that give a sense of freedom and have a natural feel to them. These can be in the countryside walking among flowers, at a sandy beach leaving footprints, etc.

Another outdoor location for a feet photo shoot is a busy city street. This gives an urban look that’s very fresh in feet photography.

It’s also possible to shoot feet pictures in the studio. Usually, these feet pictures have commercial use because you have total control of light, background, props, and every other aspect of your shot.

Prepare your subject

A woman is getting her feet massaged in a room.

Credit: Arina Krasnikova

It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a male or female foot model, you need to take care of the feet if you want to take quality photos.

A good massage with a foot scrub will remove any dead skin and imperfections. You can use a pumice stone if you need a deeper exfoliation. Another useful tool is the foot file.

Your toenails also need some pampering. Have a pedicure to have the nails properly clipped and fixed. If you want to, you can also add some high-quality nail polish. If it’s colored, make sure it fits the color scheme of the picture.

Don’t forget to use oils and cremes to brighten dull skin and keep your feet hydrated.

Explore Creative Perspectives

A woman's feet and toes reflecting in a mirror

Credit: Madeline via Pixabay

One of the biggest challenges, when you start taking feet pics, is to add variety to your shots. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to experiment with different angles and perspectives.

This may not come easily, especially if you’re your own model. However, you can use tripods and remote triggers to help you out.

Shoot from low angles, overhead angles, from the side, etc. You can also incorporate reflections to add visual interest – you can do this with mirrors, water or any reflective surface.

Incorporate Props and Accessories

Props and accessories are key in feet pictures. They can help you to enhance the narrative or aesthetic appeal of your images.

You can use props to add visual interest to the composition or to ease specific foot poses. They’re also a great way to showcase the feet’s beauty or add context.

A woman's foot is placed on a plate of flowers.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

For example, if the feet pictures are meant for a spa, you can use props like a pumice stone, bottles with oil essences, fluffy towels, a bowl of water with flowers floating in it, etc.

In fact, flowers are great to make good feet pics because they are very versatile. They come in all sizes, shapes and colors which means that they’re easy to incorporate in most situations.

Also, flowers have a language of their own. Historically and culturally, people and artists have used flowers as symbols. If you give someone a red rose, it means you have a romantic interest while mums or gerbera daisies are better gifts for a friend.

You can use all these symbolism to better communicate the message of your feet photos. For example, if you’re using a green meadow as a backdrop, you can put a white daisy between the toes of your model’s feet. This way, the whole picture gains a sense of nature and joy.

Other natural elements you can use as props are sand or water. They make the best feet pictures when used to complement the mood.

Fabrics make another must-have accessory when you’re shooting feet pics. As I already mentioned, fluffy towels are great if you take feet pictures for spas and beauty care. Another example is to use silk or satin sheets if you want to give a sensual and erotic context to your feet pics.

Shoes and socks are another way to accessorize feet photos. Whether the model is wearing them or they are resting in the background out of focus, they make great props.

Fishnet stocking high heels feet images sell very well for fashion or erotic purposes. However, you can ask your model to wear socks – you can use colorful striped socks to make playful feet pics, for example.

Placing the shoes in the background and leaving them out of focus is a great composition technique to balance the elements in the picture. It also adds depth by creating another plane and you can use it to give more context.

Foot jewelry is a great prop – it’s also one of the biggest foot niches in commercial feet photography. The different types of foot jewelry include ankle bracelets, toe rings, or barefoot sandals.

You can also use regular jewelry to style your feet pics. For example, let a pearl necklace fall on top of the feet to make some attractive photos.

These were some of the most common props to make great feet pics. However, feel free to experiment and find your own way. You can also include personal objects to make the photos more intimate and meaningful. This type of foot picture can make a great present to your life partner.

Pay Attention to Lighting

A woman's legs in a pair of pink sandals.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

If you want to take professional-looking feet pics, you need to know how to use light to your advantage. Lighting in foot photography and how it can dramatically affect the mood and visual impact of the images.

It’s OK to use natural light, you don’t necessarily have to work in the studio. However, you need to learn about the direction and quality of light.

Shooting during the golden hour gives you warm tones and soft shadows. This is why most photographers love taking pictures during this time of day. However, you can use more direct sunlight if you’re looking to use deep shadows to add drama.

You can also use accessories to modify sunlight. A diffuser helps you to soften the shadows and distribute the light evenly. Flags can help you to block the light from specific areas of the photo, etc.

If you prefer to work with artificial lights, this is also possible to do both indoors and outdoors. You’ll need a decent photography light kit to work in the studio. However, to work on location you’ll need portable photography lights.

Using artificial lights gives you full control and increases the possible setups. You can use multiple light sources, all sorts of modifiers, continuous light, flashes, etc. There’s a much bigger range of possibilities than just using natural light.

Find Your Creative Style

It’s important that you find your own style and personality when taking feet pictures. This is what will set your images apart from all the other feet pics on the market.

If you want to make a profit, you need to take feet pics that are unique and attract clients. Not just sell feet pics, but also get commissions – that’s where the bigger income comes from.

This will only happen if you develop a style. This way, your clients know what to expect from their feet photoshoot if they hire you.

Try capturing unique details, textures, or characteristics that make the images more personal and distinct. Also, the styling as well as the post-processing amount to form a recognisable style.

Experiment With Composition and Techniques

A black and white photo of a person's feet on the beach.

Credit: Lethe (left) / How Soon Ngu (right)

If you want to take feet pics that are unconventional and intriguing, you need to experiment. This entails many aspects of the shot – from composition to lighting.

For example, you can open up the frame to include more elements in the picture. This allows you to experiment with juxtaposition, leading lines, and other composition rules.

Otherwise, you do partial framing and start working with close-ups. If you’re feeling creative, you can do some extreme close-ups and take feet pics that are borderline abstract.

If you’re up to the challenge, you can also experiment with lighting techniques. For example, you can try silhouette photography, high or low-key images, etc.

Highlight Expressions and Emotions

Taking feet pictures for feet lovers is not just about the aesthetic. If you really want to engage with the viewer and encourage someone to buy your photographs you need to capture expressions and emotions.

Some of the emotions associated with feet are freedom, playfulness, or vulnerability. Try communicating these concepts in your feet pics.

You can do this with the styling and lighting of the image to provide context and create the mood. Then, guide your model’s posing and movements to better communicate what you want to say with your feet pics.

Post-Processing and Editing

Post-processing and editing is the last step to enhance the uniqueness and artistic vision of your feet pics.

If you have the budget, you can get any of the industry standard software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Luminar.

However, there are free options that you can use too. GIMP and Darktable are completely free, while others like Pixlr or Fotor have a free version and some paid features.

Your post-processing can be purely technical such as adjusting the white balance, correcting the lens aberration, etc.

However, there are many techniques that allow you to explore more creative possibilities. You can also use filters to keep your images with a consistent look.

Respecting Privacy and Consent

When you take feet pics, you need to respect the privacy of the person you’re photographing. You must get consent and use the photographs in a respectful way.

It’s important to recognize that you’re not working with objects. Instead, your model is a person and even if you’re only showing a part of their body, they should be comfortable with how they’re being depicted and how the images are used.

Never force your model to do something that they don’t feel like doing, be respectful of their limits and cultural beliefs.

Feet photography, like boudoir and similar genres, can be empowering and encourage consenting adults to freely explore their sexuality. However, there’s a thin line between this and the commodification of the body.

So please, stay alert to avoid crossing the line. I encourage all photographers out there to keep ethical and respectful practices while showcasing the diversity and beauty of feet.

What Kind of Feet Pictures Sell Best?

If you’re looking to sell your pictures of feet on stock photography sites or even OnlyFans, you need to identify your target.

To create money-selling feet pictures, you need to know what your potential client is looking for. This is also highly related to the type of photos you want to create and what you feel comfortable doing.

Within the category that you choose to work with, taking pictures that look professional and offer high quality is a must.

Also, you should stay up to date with the trends if you want to make money selling feet pics. Most stock photography websites offer insights about what their buyers are looking for once they become a contributor.

What Websites Buy & Sell Feet Pics?

Five popular websites where you can buy and sell feet pictures online are:

  • FeetFinder
  • Feetify
  • Feetpics
  • Onlyfans
  • Instafeet

Don’t immediately assume that it’s only people with foot fetishes who want to buy feet pics.

Aside from the obvious, modelling agencies may need foot models; shoe brands may need them for advertising jewelry vendors may want them to market their products; even pedicure websites may need great pictures of feet.

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