A group of groomsmen with their hands in the air.

11 Creative & Funny Groomsmen Wedding Photo Ideas

Don't miss these 11 groomsmen photo ideas for every wedding. Whether you want formal, casual, creative, or funny shots, we've got you covered.

If you’re looking for creative groomsmen photo ideas, you’re in the right place.

You’ll also find some must-have groomsmen pictures with poses you need to include in the wedding photos.

If you think the bride and groom will appreciate them, you’ll also find some funny groom photos.

You may also pick up some tips on how to take photos of groomsmen.

So, let’s get you ready for the big day!

11 Groomsmen Photo Ideas & Poses to Try on the Wedding Day


A group of groomsmen in tuxedos walking through a garden.

Credit: Carsten Vollrath

A fantastic pose for the groom and his groomsmen photos during the wedding day is standing in a v-formation. Ask the groom to stand in front and put him at the center of the frame.

Then, pose the groomsmen behind him on both sides creating a V. Keep a short distance between the groom and groomsmen so that you can keep all of them in focus. It’s useful to use a narrow aperture and don’t stand to close to them so that you increase the depth of field.

Groomsmen Walking

A group of groomsmen walking on the beach.

Credit: Giuseppe Messina

From all the groomsmen photo ideas, having the group walk is one of the most popular – maybe because is very versatile. You can ask them to walk on the street as the Beatles or have them recreate the Reservoir Dogs scene for dramatic effect.

If you’re not into pop references, you can simply ask them to walk towards the camera for a dynamic shot. If you prefer a funny groom photo, you can ask them to walk away dragging the groom.

Groomsmen with the bridesmaids

A wedding party posing in front of a lion statue.

Credit: Becerra Govea Photo

Don’t forget to capture some pictures of the favorite guys with the bridesmaids before the ceremony.

Very often the groomsmen and bridesmaids are friends or couples. If this is the case, you can take some pictures creating couples.

If not, or if you want a more formal pose, you can organize them in lines – maybe the guys in the back and women in the front, or one on each side.

You can also try some candid shots or funny groomsmen photos staging a tug war for example.

And if the bridal party isn’t shy, you could suggest some naughty wedding photos too.

Tossing the groom wedding photos

A groom being thrown into the air by his groomsmen.

Credit: Rafael Bertacini

One of the best funny groom and groomsmen photoshoot ideas is to have the guys toss the groom in the air for the picture. To capture this shot, the photographer needs to be at a low angle.

Then, set the camera to burst mode and start shooting while the friends of the groom toss him. I’m sure that everyone will have a lot of fun doing these wedding photos.

Best man and the groom

Two men in tuxedos laughing at each other.

Credit: Tom Balabaud

Aside from the group of groomsmen, the best man and the groom need their own moment. You don’t need to make a special pose for this. Instead, you can capture the interactions and some genuine emotions between these two best friends.

Some photo ideas may include the best man fixing the groom’s hair or bow tie. Otherwise, simply capture both friends hugging or exchanging a warm glance.

The wedding rings

A black and white photo of a man holding a wedding ring.

Credit: Mat Brown

Tradition has it that it’s the best man who holds the wedding ring and hands it to the groom when needed at the ceremony. So, you can make some close-up shots of the best man showing the wedding rings.

Groomsmen toasting

A group of groomsmen toasting with beer bottles.

Credit: Kats Weil

Another classic from the groomsmen photo ideas for the wedding day is to capture the guys toasting to the camera.

You can do this during the wedding reception at the actual toast. However, you can also stage the toast for the photo while you’re doing the wedding party portraits.

If you do this, make sure they just use the drinks as props, though. The bride and groom won’t like their groomsmen drunk before the wedding!

Groomsmen getting ready

Groomsmen adjusting their ties in a hotel room.

Credit: Asdrubal Luna

Other groomsmen photo ideas that complete the wedding album are some candid photos of the guys getting ready.

On the big day, is not uncommon to have a room dedicated to the groom and groomsmen to get ready. Here, you can stage some funny groomsmen photos wearing a fun undershirt or costumes.

Otherwise, you can have some more formal poses with the groom and the groomsmen as well as some emotional interactions.

Groomsmen taking selfies

A group of men in suits posing for a photo.

Credit: Asdrubal Luna

If you’re looking for groomsmen photo ideas that look casual and genuine, capture the group taking selfies. This way you can capture the fun atmosphere of the groomsmen goofing around for one camera unaware of yours.

Groomsmen as top models

A group of groomsmen posing on a motorcycle.

Credit: Maria Lindsey Content Creator

Amongst the traditional must-haves of the special day, you need a group shot of the groomsmen in a pose.

So, get their best GQ impression ready. You can use props if you think this can make things easier – for example, the bride’s car or a motorcycle.

Groom giving gifts

A group of men with watches on their wrists.

Credit: Eric, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via Flickr

According to tradition, the groom gives gifts to his groomsmen on the big day. He can also bring presents to his father and the father of the bride.

Capturing all these moments are great wedding photos. You can also photograph the groomsmen showing the present they received or the table full of gifts with the groomsmen standing around it.

20 Funny Groomsmen Photo Captions to Use on Instagram

A group of groomsmen posing on a set of stairs.

Credit: Gad Samuel

  1. “They’re the ‘I do’ crew!”
  2. “Got my mind on my groomsmen and my groomsmen on my mind.”
  3. “Taking bets on who will lose their tie first.”
  4. “Putting the ‘party’ in bridal party.”
  5. “Groom’s crew. Proceed with caution!”
  6. “Keeping calm is not our thing.”
  7. “It’s been an ’emotional’ day. Even the cake is in tiers.”
  8. “Just a bunch of well-dressed troublemakers.”
  9. “The real kings of the wedding.”
  10. “Well, we clean up pretty nice.”
  11. “Do we look like we’re ready for wedding bells or barbells?”
  12. “Straight outta bachelorhood.”
  13. “The good, the bad, and the just married.”
  14. “Less boyband, more band of brothers.”
  15. “In weddings, we trust.”
  16. “We’ve traded in our beer bottles for boutonnieres.”
  17. “Too much handsome in one picture.”
  18. “Groomsquad goals!”
  19. “Got a problem? Call the groomsquad!”
  20. “Suit up, we’re going off the market.”

FAQs about Groomsmen Photos

How long should groomsmen photos be?

Wedding photographers usually dedicate 45 minutes to an hour to photograph the wedding party. About half the time should be for the groomsmen photo shoot.

This time should include formal portraits with the groom and groomsmen, the bride and the groomsmen, some fun groomsmen photo ideas, and candid moments.

Does the bride take pictures with the groomsmen?

Yes, it’s customary for the bride to take some photos with the groomsmen. Usually, the bride and the groomsmen take more traditional portraits as they’re usually friends of the groom. However, you can also capture an emotional moment between them.

The funny photos are usually between the groom and groomsmen. Of course, this depends on the personalities and relationships each one has. If the bride is up for some casual or fun photo ideas, then go for it.

Do groomsmen get ready together?

Generally speaking, the venue assigns a room for the groomsmen to get ready together. This will give you a chance to perform many photo ideas.

Sometimes, the groomsmen may arrive already prepared. However, there’s always a place where they can hang out before the big moment. This is when the photographer can capture the groomsmen retouching their hair, ties, etc.

What do groomsmen wear when getting ready?

Often when the groomsmen are getting ready they wear something that lets their personalities shine. Some groomsmen like to wear themed undershirts.

For example, a group of groomsmen can wear corresponding superhero tees. They can also wear funny socks or hold creative wild cards.

The photographer is also encouraged to bring some props to stage specific photo ideas with the groomsmen.

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