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127 Funny Wedding Photography Quotes & Captions

A copy-pastable selection of 127 of wedding photography quotes and captions that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face or a tear in your eye.

Need some funny quotes about wedding photography to jazz up your Insta Stories?

After going to countless weddings over the years, I feel like I’ve seen it all.

Here’s a list of 127 wedding photography quotes that sum up the various times of your average wedding day.

For all the wedding photographers out there (or vendors associated with a wedding photography business), I’m sure you’ll smile knowingly at some of these…

Wedding photographers, I salute you for holding it together during all the trials and tribulations of a chaotic wedding day.

Let’s take a look at these quotes.

127 Funny Wedding Photography Quotes and Captions

20 Wedding Photography Quotes for the Bridal Preparations

The bridal prep includes everything from photos of the bride and bridesmaids in their dressing gowns, to hair and makeup, a cheeky champagne pop and all the kisses, hugs and dance moves in between.

Here are some wedding photography quotes you can copy and paste to go with your fave pics during the chaos.

a white table topped with makeup and cosmetics.

  1. “Bridezilla mode: activated! Witness the chaos!”
  2. “Cue the hairspray and emergency sewing kits! Bridal preparations: where miracles happen.”
  3. “Singing off-key and a dance battle or two. Bridal preparations: the ultimate pre-wedding party!”
  4. “Bring out the makeup artist! The bride’s transformation is in progress.”
  5. “From messy buns to glamorous updos, witness the hair-raising adventures of bridal preparations.”
  6. “The struggle is real: finding ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something… misplaced!'”
  7. “The battle of the bobby pins and mascara wands begins. Bridal preparations: the ultimate glam showdown!”
  8. “Warning: contagious laughter and occasional dance breaks ahead. Bridal preparations: the party before the party.”
  9. “Cue the ‘getting ready’ montage, complete with dramatic soundtrack and hilarious bloopers.”
  10. “No wedding jitters here, just plenty of coffee, giggles, and the occasional hair-tastrophy during bridal preparations.”
  11. “Bridal preparations: the secret training montage for the ultimate wedding superhero.”
  12. “Who needs a glam squad when you have bridesmaids armed with hairspray and safety pins? Bridal preparations at its finest!”
  13. “The bride’s beauty regime: 50% makeup, 50% sheer determination, and 100% nerves of steel.”
  14. “Caution: hazardous zone of bobby pins and curling irons ahead. Enter the bridal preparations at your own risk!”
  15. “Forget the ‘Groom Squad,’ it’s all about the ‘Glam Squad’ during bridal preparations!”
  16. “Witness the epic battle of mascara vs. tears in the emotional rollercoaster that is bridal preparations.”
  17. “The bridesmaids’ unofficial job description: part-time therapists, part-time hairstylists, and full-time comedians during bridal preparations.”
  18. “Bridal preparations: where hairspray is the secret weapon against unruly hair and unexpected weather conditions.”
  19. “Bridal preparations: the only time when you can legit say, ‘I woke up like this’ with a team of professionals by your side.”
  20. “The quest for the perfect winged eyeliner: an Olympic sport in the world of bridal preparations.”

20 Wedding Photography Quotes for the Groom’s Preparations

The groom’s prep is usually a more laid-back affair, sometimes with hangovers from a big night out slowing things down even further!

It’s a time to slowly put on suits, tie laces, struggle with boutonnieres and have a couple of cheeky beers or shots of tequila to get things going.

Here are some wedding photography quotes to help loosen up the groomsmen before posting his most embarrassing moments on Instagram!

a groom in a suit holding a pair of scissors.

  1. “Groomzilla alert! Witness the chaos and hilarity of the groom’s preparations.”
  2. “From tie troubles to sock struggles, the groom’s preparations: where fashion meets comedy.”
  3. “Suit up and brace yourselves for the groom’s epic transformation. Get ready to laugh!”
  4. “The battle of the collar stays and cufflinks begins. Groom’s preparations: the ultimate dapper challenge.”
  5. “Cue the last-minute ironing and frantic searches for missing socks. Groom’s preparations: the adventure unfolds.”
  6. “The groom’s grooming routine: 99% hair gel, 1% pure determination”
  7. “Get ready for a comedy of errors as the groom attempts to tie the perfect knot. Groom’s preparations: tying the knot, literally!”
  8. “The groom’s secret weapon: the best man armed with combs, cologne, and a sprinkle of comic relief.”
  9. “No suit mishap can dampen the groom’s spirit as he embraces the laughter and joy of preparations.”
  10. “Forget butterflies in the stomach; it’s all about bow ties, laughter, and unforgettable moments during the groom’s preparations.”
  11. “Groom’s preparations: where the groomsmen turn into the ultimate style squad, armed with bad jokes and impeccable fashion sense.”
  12. “From ‘getting ready’ selfies to last-minute tie-tying tutorials, witness the groomsmen’s camaraderie during the preparations.”
  13. “The best man’s mission: keep the groom calm, cool, and hilariously entertained during the chaotic groom’s preparations.”
  14. “Groom’s preparations: the ultimate bromance bonding time for the groom and his trusty sidekicks, the groomsmen.”
  15. “Forget the Avengers, the groom has assembled his own squad of super-groomsmen ready to save the day in style.”
  16. “The best man’s duties: part-time comedian, part-time therapist, and full-time partner in crime during the groom’s preparations.”
  17. “Laughter echoes through the room as the groom and his groomsmen navigate the maze of boutonnieres and dress socks.”
  18. “The groomsmen’s secret mission: ensure the groom looks sharp while keeping the banter and pranks at an all-time high.”
  19. “Groom’s preparations: the moment when the groomsmen become the ultimate support team, armed with wit and pocket squares.”
  20. “The groomsmen’s motto: ‘No groom left behind.’ Witness their antics and unforgettable memories during the groom’s preparations.”

40 Wedding Photography Quotes for the Ceremony

Now things are really underway! It’s time for the bride’s entrance, followed by a flurry of bridesmaids and perhaps a ring bearer child or two to go missing halfway down the aisle…

Then there’s the vows, ring exchange first kiss, bride and groom exit, and tons of confetti and maybe even a champagne tower if they’re feeling splurgy.

a bride and groom standing in front of a pool with balloons.

  1. “Smile! You’re now contractually obligated to look happy in all wedding photos.”
  2. “Love is in the air, but don’t worry, our cameras have a great sense of direction.”
  3. “Weddings: where ‘Say cheese!’ turns into ‘Say I do!'”
  4. “We’re here to capture the good, the bad, and the dance moves you’ll regret later.”
  5. “Remember, the key to a great wedding photo is pretending you’re not tired of smiling.”
  6. “Our cameras are ready to capture your ‘I do’ moments and your ‘I can’t believe I just did that’ moments.”
  7. “The ceremony may be serious, but our photography comes with a side of laughter.”
  8. “Love is like a camera – it develops over time. Luckily, our photos don’t take that long.”
  9. “Weddings: the only time when ‘Say cheese!’ turns into ‘Say vows!'”
  10. “Today’s forecast: lots of love, laughter, and 100% chance of stunning wedding photos.”
  11. “We’re like the paparazzi, but without the tabloid gossip. Just good vibes and great shots!”
  12. “Remember, the secret to a happy marriage is pretending to laugh at all our cheesy jokes during the photo session.”
  13. “Dancing may be mandatory, but looking fabulous in photos is optional (but highly recommended).”
  14. “Don’t worry if you blink during the kiss; we’ll capture it from all angles.”
  15. “Wedding photos: the only evidence that you actually did wear that ridiculous bridesmaid dress.”
  16. “Your wedding day: the perfect excuse to strike a pose and get your model on!”
  17. “Just a friendly reminder: smudged lipstick is no match for our editing skills.”
  18. “Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to capture your ‘I do’ kiss without any awkward nose collisions.”
  19. “Today, we’re not just photographers, we’re professional wedding ninjas. Stealthy and ready to capture every moment.”
  20. “Weddings are a time for love, laughter, and questionable dance moves. We’ll be there to capture it all!”
  21. “Sealed with a kiss and a little bit of camera magic.”
  22. “They exchanged rings and promises, and we captured the moment they sealed it with a perfect click.”
  23. “The ring exchange: the ultimate symbol of forever, beautifully preserved in our photographs.”
  24. “In a world full of kisses, theirs was the one that started their journey as a married couple.”
  25. “When they said ‘I do,’ we were there to capture the exact moment their love story turned a new page.”
  26. “Two souls, one kiss: the sweetest celebration of their love.”
  27. “They promised forever, and with a kiss, they made it official. Our cameras didn’t miss a beat.”
  28. “Love spoke through their eyes as they shared their first kiss as a married couple. It was a picture-perfect moment.”
  29. “With the exchange of rings and a kiss, their love story was sealed with photographic proof.”
  30. “They shared a stolen moment, a first kiss as newlyweds, and we captured the pure joy in their eyes.”
  31. “In that magical moment, their love sparked, and we immortalized it through our lenses.”
  32. “As they exchanged rings, the world seemed to fade away, leaving only their love in focus.”
  33. “The first kiss as husband and wife: a moment that made their hearts skip a beat, and our cameras captured it all.”
  34. “With the touch of their lips, they sealed their vows and embarked on a lifetime of love.”
  35. “When the officiant said, ‘You may now kiss the bride,’ we were ready to capture the momentous smooch.”
  36. “Their first kiss as a married couple: a blend of passion, joy, and a touch of camera-worthy magic.”
  37. “The ring exchange: a moment of promises kept and forever cherished in our wedding photographs.”
  38. “Their first kiss as husband and wife: a beautiful crescendo to their love story, forever etched in our images.”
  39. “The moment they shared their first kiss as newlyweds, the world paused, and our cameras clicked.”
  40. “In that split second, their lips met, and our lenses captured the beginning of their happily ever after.”

20 Wedding Photography Quotes for the Photoshoot

It’s time for the wedding photographer to get his/her wriggle on! The photoshoot could take place at the ceremony venue, or maybe it’s time to hop in the limo to cart the newlyweds off somewhere picturesque.

Copy and paste the funny wedding photography quotes below to jazz up any sneaky iPhone shots you get during the photoshoot.

a bride and groom standing in a field under a veil.

  1. “Strike a pose! The camera loves you, almost as much as you love cake.”
  2. “Time to show off your best ‘we just got married’ dance moves. Let’s capture some epic wedding photo magic!”
  3. “Forget about calories, it’s time to indulge in some shameless wedding photoshoot deliciousness.”
  4. “Hold on tight, lovebirds! Let’s capture that ‘we’re floating on cloud nine’ feeling.”
  5. “Ready, set, smize! Tyra Banks would be proud of your fierce wedding photoshoot skills.”
  6. “Love is in the air, and we’re here to make it look like you can fly. Ready for some gravity-defying poses?”
  7. “In this photoshoot, you’re the stars, and our cameras are the paparazzi. Get ready to strike your best red carpet pose!”
  8. “Who needs a gym when you have a wedding photoshoot? Time to flex those love muscles!”
  9. “It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a masterclass in cheesy romantic poses.”
  10. “Warning: excessive giggling and spontaneous bursts of laughter are highly contagious during our wedding photoshoot sessions.”
  11. “Ready to make jaws drop with your stunning wedding photos? Let’s embrace the art of ‘WOW’ together!”
  12. “Remember, the key to a great wedding photoshoot is pretending you’re not freezing in those ‘summer’ outfits during a winter shoot.”
  13. “Let’s take wedding photography to the next level: superhero poses, epic jumps, and maybe even a lightsaber battle or two.”
  14. “Hold hands, skip, and embrace your inner child. We’re all about capturing the joy and playfulness in your wedding photoshoot.”
  15. “Life is short, but your wedding photos will last forever. Let’s make sure they’re filled with laughter, joy, and a few epic photobombs.”
  16. “Ready for some cinematic romance? We’ll create breathtaking scenes that make even Hollywood jealous during your wedding photoshoot.”
  17. “No awkward poses here! Just pure love, laughter, and a sprinkle of ‘did we really just do that’ moments in our wedding photoshoot.”
  18. “Forget about gravity; it’s time for some creative wedding photoshoot magic. Get ready to bend, twist, and defy the laws of physics.”
  19. “Your wedding photoshoot is like a blockbuster movie: epic moments, dramatic lighting, and a cast of characters madly in love.”
  20. “Let’s create the wedding photoshoot of your dreams – and if that includes a few dinosaur costumes and a confetti cannon, count us in!”

27 Wedding Photography Quotes for the Reception

Wow, you made it this far? It must be true love! The reception involves the newlyweds’ entrance, speeches, cake cut and first dance, with a delicious meal in between and too many drinks to recall anything of the day.

Here are some more wedding photography quotes to help you put some words into the blurred dance floor memories.

a group of people standing around each other on wedding dance floor

  1. “Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to witness the most epic newlyweds entrance since Beyoncé dropped ‘Crazy in Love.'”
  2. “Grab your popcorn and get ready for the speeches – the only time when embarrassing childhood stories and inside jokes take center stage.”
  3. “Cake cutting: the sweetest battle since Romeo and Juliet. Let the icing wars begin!”
  4. “Warning: the cake-cutting ceremony may get messy. We’re not responsible for any frosting-related casualties!”
  5. “First dance: the moment when two people try to look graceful while secretly hoping they won’t trip over each other’s feet.”
  6. “Move over, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The newlyweds are hitting the dance floor, and they’re ready to break some moves!”
  7. “Speeches that make you laugh, cry, and question if Aunt Mildred was actually at the same wedding. Cheers to unexpected surprises!”
  8. “It’s time to cut the cake and cut loose! Let’s capture those dance moves that would make Michael Jackson proud.”
  9. “Forget about ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ We’re here to capture the newlyweds’ debut on the dance floor – with their own unique flair, of course.”
  10. “The newlyweds’ entrance: making an entrance so grand, even Hollywood couldn’t script it better.”
  11. “Who needs a romantic slow dance when you can surprise everyone with a choreographed flash mob? Let’s dance like nobody’s watching!”
  12. “Speeches that leave you wondering if the best man is secretly auditioning for his own stand-up comedy special.”
  13. “Cake cutting tip: always aim for each other’s mouths. Extra points for style and zero crumbs on the dress!”
  14. “The first dance: where two hearts sway to the rhythm of love and try not to step on each other’s toes.”
  15. “Wedding speeches: the perfect opportunity for friends and family to roast the newlyweds while they can’t escape the microphone.”
  16. “Cake smashing? More like cake diplomacy. Handle with care and aim for the sweetest spot!”
  17. “The newlyweds’ entrance: making an entrance so epic, the DJ just hit ‘shuffle’ on the party playlist.”
  18. “First dance jitters? Don’t worry, we promise not to capture any awkward dance moves… or maybe just a few for blackmail purposes.”
  19. “Let’s capture the moments that make the reception unforgettable: laughter, tears, and the occasional dance floor mishap.”
  20. “The speeches: where everyone becomes an expert in public speaking and the applause is directly proportional to the amount of embarrassing secrets revealed.”
  21. “Dance like nobody’s watching… but be warned, Uncle Bob’s breakdancing skills might steal the show!”
  22. “The dance floor: where even the most rhythmically challenged can unleash their inner Beyoncé… or at least attempt to.”
  23. “Remember, the key to a successful dance floor performance is 80% enthusiasm, 10% questionable moves, and 10% pretending you know the lyrics to every song.”
  24. “Cake-cutting tip: If the icing ends up on your face, just remember it’s the sweetest revenge for all those cheesy dance moves earlier.”
  25. “The first dance: where two people try to look graceful while secretly praying they don’t trip over their own two feet… or each other’s.”
  26. “Cake cutting: the moment when the bride and groom realize they have the power to make each other laugh uncontrollably with a single swipe of frosting.”
  27. “The first dance: an opportunity for the couple to showcase their smooth moves, or in some cases, reveal their hidden talent for creating unique interpretive dance forms.”
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