Maternity Photography Guides

Want to learn more about maternity photography? Whether you're a mother-to-be, already a mum, or just a professional photographer seeking tips on taking photos of babies, these guides will help out.

At Shotkit, we celebrate all the beautiful phases of life, and few moments can compare to the joy and anticipation that comes with maternity.

Maternity photography is a unique genre that captures the essence of expectant mothers as they prepare to bring new life into the world.

There's something magical about pregnancy photography. It encapsulates the strength, love, and excitement that glow from an expectant mother.

Our guides provide photographers with tips and tricks to highlight the beauty of motherhood in each shot. But we also help mothers-to-be.

We understand that being in front of the camera, especially during a time when your body is changing, can be a bit daunting. That's why we offer advice on how to look and feel your best during your maternity photoshoot.

We provide guidance on how to pose to best accentuate your changing figure and to capture the bond between you and your unborn child. Posing for maternity photography is about feeling natural, relaxed, and confident. It's about creating an environment where you feel at ease to express the joy and anticipation you're experiencing.

We also share ideas on props that can add a personal touch to your photos. From baby shoes to ultrasound images, and sentimental items, the right props can enhance the story you're trying to tell in your maternity photoshoot.

However, the magic doesn't stop there. Once your little one arrives, newborn photography is a wonderful way to preserve those first precious moments of life.

Just as we do with maternity photography, we provide photographers with tips on how to safely and beautifully capture images of newborns, and we also offer advice to new parents about how to prepare for a newborn photoshoot.

Shotkit is here to make sure your maternity and newborn photography experiences are as memorable as the life events they represent.

So whether you're a professional photographer looking to expand your skills or an expectant mother eager to capture this unique time in your life, we have all the resources you need to create stunning images.