A pregnant woman is holding a pair of shoes.

27 Must-Have Maternity Photoshoot Props (+ DIY Ideas)

Add something special to your maternity photoshoot with this selection of prop ideas, including affordable things you can buy or even DIY.

Using maternity photoshoot props is a great way to capture this exciting time.

When I was pregnant, I wish I had this list to give to my maternity photo shoot photographer for some prop inspiration!

Adding in maternity photoshoot props can really help to elevate the range of images that you can produce, giving you more options for what you can do with your photos (think photo books, gifts, wall art!)

So if you are looking for some inspiration for what props to use for your next maternity photoshoot, here are some great ideas!

27 Best Props for Maternity Photoshoots in 2023

Prop 1: Tiny Shoes

Embracing how tiny a newborn is will really add emotion to the images, and what better way to remember these tiny details than with a tiny pair of baby shoes.

They can be balanced on the growing baby bump, held between both parents’ hands, or used in the foreground with the parents to be in the background!

Prop 2: Sonogram

a pregnant couple sitting on a window sill with a cat.

What better way to remember this time than with one of the first-ever pictures of your baby.

Focus on the photo, with the future parents in the background, ensuring that the background is eye-pleasing yet not distracting from the focus of the overall image – the sonogram.

Prop 3: Baby Clothing

Incorporate one of your favourite onesies that you have specially purchased for the new addition.

They are adorable, and help to bring a personal aspect into your photos! There is a huge variety out there from simple onesies, to clothing that is personalised with your last name, coming soon, or any range of wonderful ideas.

Prop 4: Flowers

a pregnant woman sitting in the water at sunset.

A great way to add an extra special element to complement the mother-to-be’s beautiful maternity photoshoot is to add a floral crown or other floral decorative piece.

These are readily available through Etsy or your local florist, and can add a beautiful gentle feminine touch to highlight how amazing growing a baby really is.

Prop 5: Maternity Dress

a pregnant woman in a white dress sitting on rocks at the beach.

What better way to show off that beautiful baby bump than with a long flowing maternity dress.

These can be purchased or hired to suit your personal tastes and are specially designed to highlight that growing bump and look absolutely stunning during your maternity photoshoot.

What better way to make a mum-to-be feel special than with a beautiful dress.

Prop 6: Balloons

These are a universal way to add an extra element to your maternity photoshoot. Variations of using balloons include experimenting with colours and styling, for use both indoors and outdoors.

The options are varied and can be used to give a fun and stylish feel to your maternity session.

Prop 7: Coloured Smoke

a bride and groom are holding pink smoke on the beach.

A great way to incorporate a gender reveal and maternity photoshoot in one.

Find a beautiful location and organise the pink or blue-coloured smoke bombs and be ready to capture the amazing photos.

With a bit of organisation and prior planning, this can be used to reveal to the parents to be, or for them to reveal to others through their photos.

Prop 8: Blanket

A simple prop such as a plain blanket for the couple to sit on in a beautiful outdoor location can give really help to style a maternity photoshoot.

Ask the couple to sit down on the blanket and be ready to capture some heartfelt interactions between the parents-to-be.

Prop 9: Bubbles

One of the most easily accessible maternity photoshoot props, bubbles are a great way to add dynamic range to a beautiful outdoor scene.

Having somebody else blowing bubbles towards the mum adds a cute touch.

Prop 10: Swing

A pretty swing is an amazing maternity photo shoot prop and can be decorated with florals to give a feminine feel to the images.

They can be used for the mum alone, posed on an angle to show off her beautiful bump, or with the mum sitting on the swing and dad standing behind.

Prop 11: Milk Bath

a pregnant woman laying in a bathtub with flowers.

Milk bath images require more preparation but are extremely popular for a maternity photoshoot.

Ensure that the bath is half filled with warm water and milk mixture, and add in the florals once the mum-to-be is already in the bath.

Lighting is important so be sure to place the bath in a well-lit area.

Prop 12: Letter Board

Letter boards can add a personalized touch to maternity images, with endless options for what to include.

Add a message for the baby, or a funny quote to add some humour to your images. Boards can be changed during the photo shoot to get a range of messages in your images.

Prop 13: Letter Balloons

Letter balloons with symbolic words can be used to add personalization to the photo shoot.

These can be used early on for a pregnancy announcement, or later using for example the baby’s first or last name.

Add in a beautiful outdoor location and you are sure to get amazing photos.

Prop 14: Soft Toys

a pregnant woman sitting on the floor with a toy car.

This could be something from the parent’s childhood or the first toy that they have purchased for the new baby.

Including both parents with this maternity photoshoot prop can create some really touching images, and capturing them in the baby’s nursery can add an extra personal element.

Prop 15: Blocks

Colourful baby blocks can be used during a maternity shoot to show how far along in the pregnancy the mother is, or how long to go until they meet their newest addition.

They are a great way to help display the excitement of soon meeting the newest addition to the family!

Prop 16: Bicycle

Having both parents sit on a colourful bicycle facing each other can add some fun to the photoshoot.

Adding in a kid’s bike tied to the adult one can be a subtle way to show the connection to the new baby!

Prop 17: Hat

a pregnant woman in a white dress standing in a field at sunset.

A simple hat is one of the most budget-friendly maternity photo shoot props. They can cast shadows on the face, so be sure to take care to utilise the proper pose to ensure that lighting is adequate.

Prop 18: Special Caps

Using a hat can be taken to the next level by ordering personalised caps prior to the photoshoot.

Utilising a mum and dad cap with the partner standing behind the mum-to-be and hugging her really displays this personalised touch and will bring back fond memories when looking at the images.

Prop 19: Book

Including your baby’s first children’s book, or ordering a personalised family storybook can be great maternity photoshoot props.

Having both parents read the book together adds a cute touch and helps to convey how excited they are to be doing such a simple thing with the new baby.

Prop 20: Photo Collection

This could be a strip of sonogram photos, or couples photos from an important moment prior to the pregnancy to celebrate each stage of the journey that has led to this exciting stage in their lives!

Prop 21: Pets

a man and woman with a dog in front of a tree.

Pets are an important part of the family, so be sure to bring them along to the maternity photoshoot to be included in your memories!

Prop 22: Wedding Rings

Get some close-up images of your growing baby bump whilst showing your wedding jewellery.

Have your partner wrap their hands around your waist from behind and place them on your belly in a heart shape, then place your hands over the top whilst still ensuring that the wedding rings can be seen!

The best part, you already have these maternity photoshoot props on hand!

Prop 23: Pregnancy test

Including a pregnancy test in your maternity shoot can help to bring back those beautiful memories of when you first found out you were pregnant!

Prop 24: Backgrounds

a pregnant woman in a blue dress standing in a field of roses.

Often the best maternity photoshoot props are provided by an amazing natural background, such as a beautiful valley full of wildflowers, a stunning waterfall or a mountain range.

Utilise locations nearby as they often help to tell the story of your family by showing where you live.

Prop 25: Other Family Members

a pregnant woman kissing a little girl in a field.

Don’t assume that maternity photoshoots are only limited to the parents-to-be.

Why not incorporate your maternity session into a family photoshoot and be sure to include some images of the siblings interacting with mum’s belly!

Prop 26: Naturally Occurring Decorative Elements

a pregnant woman laying on a log in the water.

Use the environment to your advantage to help pose mums for their pregnancy photoshoot.

This includes logs, rocks, trees, and jetties, the options are only limited to your location!

Prop 27: Natural Light

a pregnant man and woman standing in a field at sunset.

Credit: Megan Rutherford

Probably the most important prop of all is provided by nature. Be sure to use the natural light available to help create amazing images of this important milestone in your lives!

Photographers love golden hour for its beautiful diffused light and the amazing golden glow it gives that cannot be achieved at other times of the day!

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