a woman is holding a baby in a hospital room.

Fresh 48 Photos: How to Do Hospital Newborn Photography

Photographing a newborn baby in its first moments of life is a wonderful but delicate responsibility. Make sure you get it right with these Fresh 48 photo tips.

The birth of a child is a miraculous event, filled with raw emotions and fleeting moments that pass in the blink of an eye.

As new parents, capturing these precious memories can feel like an impossible task.

That’s where a Fresh 48 newborn session comes in.

This unique approach documents the first 48 hours of a baby’s life, creating timeless images that preserve the authentic connections and emotions that make those first moments so special.

Read on to learn more about Fresh 48 photography and how it differs from traditional newborn sessions.

Fresh 48 Birth Photography: Key Takeaways

  • Fresh 48 Photos capture the first 48 hours of a baby’s life and all the emotions shared in those moments.
  • Create cherished memories for years to come with a newborn session, capturing raw connections between family members and their newborn babies.
  • Ensure beautiful images by communicating expectations, using natural light or bringing your own equipment, shooting in RAW format & being mindful of hospital staff during your photo session.
  • More tips for baby photoshoots

What are Fresh 48 Photos?


Fresh 48 photography is a type of newborn photography that captures those precious first 48 hours of a baby’s life, usually in the hospital or birth center.

Unlike traditional newborn sessions, which often involve posing and props, Fresh 48 focuses on raw, emotional moments and connections between family members.

The newborn baby session typically takes place within the first 12-48 hours of the baby’s life, allowing the birth photographer to document the newborn’s earliest experiences in the world.

The birth photographer takes a documentary approach to Fresh 48 sessions, capturing the genuine emotions and relationships that unfold in the hospital room.

This unposed style highlights the natural beauty of the newborn’s first hours, preserving memories that can easily get lost in the chaos of those early days.

With birth photography, families can cherish these precious moments forever.

Why is Fresh 48 Photography So Important for New Parents?

Fresh 48 photos are incredibly important for new parents, as they capture the emotions, connections, and precious memories of those first hours with their baby.

The unique nature of these sessions allows parents to look back on the beautiful details that make up the story of their baby’s birth, from the hospital bassinet to the tender moments shared between family members.

These priceless images provide a lasting reminder of the joy and love that filled the room during those early moments, creating a cherished keepsake for years to come.

The First Hours of Baby’s Life

a person is measuring a baby in a hospital bed.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

The first hours of a baby’s life, following the baby’s birth, are full of unique moments that can be cherished forever through Fresh 48 Photos.

These sessions capture the essence of a baby’s life, including first meetings with siblings, first feedings, diaper changes, and emotional family meetings, all in an unposed and natural way.

The focus on authentic interactions and details, such as baby feet, hands, tiny fingernails, and snuggles with mom and dad, ensures that each image tells a story of love and connection that will be treasured for years to come.

Emotions and Connections During Newborn Photography

a man is holding a baby in a hospital room and showing it to a little girl

Credit: Jonathan Borba

Fresh 48 newborn baby photos capture the emotional connections between parents, siblings, and the newborn, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

These sessions provide an opportunity for families to share the joy of their new baby’s arrival with loved ones, even those who may not be able to witness the event in person.

By capturing these special bonds, the photos create a lasting connection between generations and allow families to experience the love and excitement of their baby’s birth again and again.

Photography Tips for a Succesful Fresh 48 Newborn Session

To ensure a successful Fresh 48 session, there are several photography tips to keep in mind.

These include communicating expectations with parents, being flexible and patient, using natural light, minimizing equipment, being mindful of hospital staff, shooting in RAW, including the environment, being quick, avoiding newborn poses, and going with the flow.

In the following sections, we will explore each of these tips in greater detail to help you capture the perfect Fresh 48 session.

Communicate Expectations with Parents

a woman is holding a baby in an operating room.

Credit: Letticia Massari

Clear communication with parents is vital for a successful Fresh 48 session.

Discussing expectations ahead of time allows parents to feel more comfortable with the process and ensures that the birth photographer understands what moments matter most to them.

Additionally, it’s important to inform parents about any hospital regulations that might affect the session and to remind them to let visitors know not to drop by during the photo session.

By establishing clear expectations, both parents and photographers can enjoy a smooth and memorable Fresh 48 session.

Be Flexible and patient

a group of surgeons working on a patient in an operating room.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

Being flexible and patient during a Fresh 48 session is crucial, as the atmosphere can be unpredictable and hectic.

By keeping an open mind and remaining patient, the birth photographer can adapt to the changing situation and capture the unique moments that make up the newborn’s first hours.

A relaxed timeline allows for breaks, such as feedings, diaper changes, and outfit changes, ensuring that the newborn session remains enjoyable and stress-free for both parents and the birth photographer.

Use Natural Light (or bring your own)

a black and white photo of a baby crying.

Credit: Michael Morse

Natural light is the ideal choice for Fresh 48 sessions, as it creates a soft and natural look that highlights the beauty of those first moments.

When using natural light, be aware of the direction and amount of light available in the room and take advantage of it during the daylight hours for the newborn session.

If natural light is not sufficient, consider bringing your own lighting equipment to ensure consistent and high-quality lighting throughout the newborn session.

Minimize Equipment

a woman is holding a baby in a hospital bed.

Credit: Jonathan Borba

Keeping equipment to a minimum during a Fresh 48 session is essential for creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for the family.

A clutter-free space allows parents and the newborn to feel more at ease and helps the birth photographer focus on capturing the raw emotions and connections between family members.

Additionally, be sure to check hospital policies regarding photography equipment to avoid any issues during the newborn session.

Be Mindful of Hospital Staff

a person is holding a stethoscope to a baby in a hospital.

Credit: Lemniscate

Showing respect and consideration for hospital staff during a Fresh 48 session is an important aspect of creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

By being mindful of their time and space, photographers can build a good relationship with hospital staff, ensuring future access to the hospital for other sessions.

Additionally, adhering to hospital policies and procedures helps maintain a comfortable environment for both the family and hospital staff in hospital rooms, including aspects such as the proper use of a hospital bed and wearing a hospital gown.

Shoot in RAW

a black and white photo of a baby in an operating room.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

Shooting in RAW format for Fresh 48 sessions is an important aspect of ensuring high-quality images and greater flexibility during post-processing.

RAW format captures all of the data from the camera’s sensor without any loss of quality or data, allowing for adjustments to exposure, white balance, contrast, and more without losing any of the original data.

This results in higher quality images that can be edited to perfection while maintaining the authentic moments captured during the session.

Include the environment

a woman is holding a baby in a cradle.

Credit: Kenan Zhang

Incorporating the environment into a Fresh 48 newborn baby session adds context and depth to the images, creating a more comprehensive story of the newborn’s early moments.

Focus on the unique details of the setting, such as the hospital room, decorations, furniture, and colors, to create a vivid and memorable backdrop for the emotional connections being captured.

By including the environment in the photos, the birth photographer can create a more immersive experience for the viewer, allowing them to feel a part of the moment.

Be quick

birth in an operating room.

Credit: Jonathan Borba

Being quick and efficient during a Fresh 48 session is crucial, as it allows the birth photographer to capture the fleeting moments of the newborn’s first hours without causing disruption to the family’s experience.

By being prepared and ready to adapt to the changing situation, photographers can maximize their time and ensure that they capture all of the special moments and details that make up the newborn’s first hours.

Organization is key to success in a Fresh 48 session. Photographers should come prepared with a camera.

Don’t attempt any newborn poses

a woman is holding a baby's footprint in a notebook.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

During a Fresh 48 session, it’s important to avoid attempting any newborn poses, as these can endanger the delicate newborn’s safety.

Instead, focus on capturing natural, unposed moments that showcase the raw emotions and connections between family members.

This approach not only ensures the safety of the newborn but also results in more authentic and meaningful images.

Go with the flow

a nurse is washing a newborn in a sink.

Credit: Vicki Yde

Embracing the unpredictability of a Fresh 48 photo session and going with the flow is essential for capturing authentic, emotional moments.

By being adaptable and open to adjusting to the changing situation, birth photographers can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for the family.

This ensures that the images captured truly represent the emotions and connections of those first hours.

How to Edit and Deliver Fresh 48 Photos

Editing and delivering Fresh 48 newborn baby photos is an important aspect of the photography process, ensuring that the final images are of the highest quality and beautifully showcase the emotions and connections captured during the newborn session.

In the following sections, we will explore timeless editing styles, Lightroom tips, and online gallery software to help you create and deliver stunning Fresh 48 images.

a newborn baby is laying in a hospital bed.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

Timeless Editing Style

A timeless editing style creates a classic look that will remain beautiful for years to come, ensuring that the memories captured in Fresh 48 birth photography continue to be cherished by the family.

This type of editing style often involves clean edits with true-to-life colors and moderate contrast, keeping the focus on the raw emotions and connections present in the images.

By using a timeless editing style, you can create stunning images that will stand the test of time and continue to evoke powerful emotions for years to come.

Lightroom Editing Tips

Lightroom is a powerful tool that can help photographers enhance their Fresh 48 birth photos while maintaining a natural and timeless look.

When editing Fresh 48 images in Lightroom, consider adjusting the white balance and removing chromatic aberration to ensure that the colors in the photos are true to life.

Additionally, focus on capturing the raw emotions of the new parents and making subtle adjustments to bring out the beauty in their special moments.

Image Delivery via Online Gallery Software

Delivering Fresh 48 birth photography via online gallery software allows clients to easily view, share, and order prints of their images.

Online galleries provide a secure and convenient way for clients to access their photos, while also allowing the birth photographer to showcase their work and share the images with the client’s family and friends.

Using online gallery software, such as Shootproof, ensures a seamless delivery process and enables clients to fully enjoy and treasure their Fresh 48 newborn session photos.

Fresh 48 vs. Traditional Newborn Sessions: What are the Differences?

two pictures of a woman holding a baby and a woman holding a baby.

Fresh 48 Photogrpahy. Credit: Letticia Massari (left) / Newborn Photography. Credit: Felix Adams (right)

Fresh 48 sessions differ from traditional newborn sessions in that they focus on capturing the raw, emotional moments and connections between family members, rather than posed shots typically seen in traditional newborn photography.

Fresh 48 sessions take place within the first 48 hours of the new baby’s life, usually in the hospital or birth center, and document the authentic and precious memories of those early moments.

In contrast, traditional newborn sessions often involve posing, newborn props, and a more controlled environment.

By choosing a Fresh 48 session, new parents can ensure that the unique emotions and connections of their baby’s first hours are preserved in a natural and beautiful way during their newborn session.

How to Market Fresh 48 Photography to Clients

a woman is holding a baby in a hospital room.

Credit: Vicki Yde

When marketing Fresh 48 photography to clients, it’s important to consider various factors such as pricing, the value of memories, sharing with loved ones, emotional bonding, and the professional quality of the photos.

In the following sections, we will explore each of these aspects in more detail, providing insights into how to effectively market Fresh 48 photography and create a lasting impact on potential clients.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing considerations for Fresh 48 sessions should take into account the unique nature of the service and the value it provides to clients.

Factors to consider include the Fresh 48 session fee, the number of images included, and any additional products or services that may be offered.

By carefully considering these pricing factors, photographers can ensure that their Fresh 48 sessions are accessible and appealing to potential clients while still reflecting the one-of-a-kind experience they provide.

The Value of Memories

The value of memories captured in a Fresh 48 birth photography session is priceless, making them a worthwhile investment for new parents.

These irreplaceable images capture the first moments of a newborn’s life and the emotions that accompany them, providing a lasting keepsake that can be treasured by family and friends for years to come.

By highlighting the value of these precious memories, photographers can effectively market their Fresh 48 photography services and create a strong emotional connection with potential clients.

Sharing with Loved Ones

Sharing Fresh 48 birth photography images with loved ones allows them to experience the joy of the newborn’s arrival, even if they cannot be present.

By emphasizing the ability to share these special images with family and friends, photographers can appeal to potential clients who want to include their extended family in the experience and create a lasting connection between generations.

This sharing aspect can be a powerful marketing tool, as it demonstrates the value of Fresh 48 photography in creating and preserving cherished memories for the whole family.

Emotional Bonding

Emotional bonding between family members is beautifully captured in the Fresh 48 birth photography shoot, creating a lasting connection that can be cherished for years to come.

By focusing on the emotional aspects of these images, photographers can create a deeper connection with potential clients, evoking powerful emotions that resonate with new parents and their families.

This emotional appeal can be an effective marketing strategy, as it showcases the unique value of Fresh 48 photography in capturing the love and joy shared during those first hours together.

Professional Quality Photos

Professional quality photos from a Fresh 48 photo session provide a level of detail and beauty that cannot be achieved with hospital or amateur photography.

By highlighting the professional quality of their photos, photographers can build credibility and trust with potential clients, showcasing the beauty and emotion of the newborn’s first moments in a way that only a skilled professional can capture.

This emphasis on professional quality can help differentiate Fresh 48 photography from other newborn photography options, making it an attractive choice for clients seeking a unique and memorable experience.


a person is weighing a baby in a hospital room.

Credit: Christian Bowen

Fresh 48 photography offers a unique and beautiful way to capture the first moments of a newborn’s life, preserving the raw emotions and connections that make those early hours so special.

With helpful tips on photography techniques, editing, and delivery, as well as insights into marketing strategies, photographers can create lasting memories for new parents and their families.

By focusing on the authentic, emotional aspects of Fresh 48 photography, professionals can provide an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are fresh 48 photos?

Fresh 48 photos are a type of photography session that captures the intimate details of your newborn within the first 48 hours after birth.

The photos document those special moments between you, your partner and your new baby during this precious time in the hospital.

These photos are a beautiful way to remember the first days of your newborn baby’s life and to capture the emotions of the moment. They are also a great way to share the joy of your new arrival with family.

What is the difference between fresh 48 and newborn photos?

Fresh 48 photography is all about capturing the first few hours of a baby’s life and focuses on moments of connection with the parents and family members, while newborn photography centers on posed images of the new baby, often featuring props and accessories.

How do you shoot fresh 48?

Shooting a fresh 48 session is all about capturing the sweet and fleeting moments between a family and their brand new little one.

To get the best results, make sure you are utilizing natural light, increasing your ISO if needed, having an aperture that keeps everything in focus, and not letting your shutter speed dip too low so your photos stay crisp and in focus.

Using the right settings is essential for capturing the perfect shot.

Make sure you are familiar with your camera and its settings before you start shooting. Experiment with different angles and compositions to get the most out of your Fresh 48 session.

What is a fresh 48 photo shoot?

A Fresh 48 Photo. Shoot is a wonderful way for new parents to document those magical first moments of their baby’s life.

This type of photo session captures the special firsts such as siblings meeting each other, the first bath, the first smiles, and even the first diaper changes.

It’s a priceless way to remember this precious time in your baby’s life.

What are the main differences between Fresh 48 and traditional newborn sessions?

Fresh 48 sessions capture the beautiful, raw moments of a family during their newborn’s first 48 hours, while traditional newborn sessions take place later and tend to focus on posing and styling.

Fresh 48 sessions focus on documenting those special early moments between family members with minimal interference, while traditional newborn sessions tend to feature more posed shots and props after the new baby is a few days or weeks old.

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