Funny Photography T-Shirts for Funky Photographers

Want a fun way to show off your passion for taking pictures (and camera gear)? Check out this selection of 32 funny, affordable & cool photography t-shirts.

Photography t-shirts are a great way to show off your passion for photography, as well as your awesome sense of humour!

There are hundreds of t-shirt designs available for funky photographers here in 2023 so it’s easy to get overwhelmed… but don’t worry!

We’ve taken the time to scour the Internet for the best photography t-shirts of the year, whatever your style.

A photography shirt can make a great gift for other photographers… but I’m guessing you really want one for yourself ;-)

So here are our favourite t-shirt designs for you to choose from.

32 Best Photography T-Shirts in 2023

Many of the shirt designs featured below are available on Amazon – you may be able to take advantage of free shipping, depending on your location.

In an effort to help support the independent art community, we’ve also included a selection from Threadless.

Evolution of The Photographer

From apes to photographers – the natural evolution of humankind – would be good as a photography meme too!


Don’t Be Negative – Vintage Photographer

A retro-style available in multiple colors, this t-shirt’s play on words will bring a smile to anyone.


Shoot Manual Camera Buff

A minimal design of showing the mode dial of a DSLR camera – set to manual, of course!


1938 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera Patent Drawing

Show off the designs of the patent of a Graflex camera – 1938.


Floreal Camera with Customizable Text

This flowered camera t-shirt makes for a great gift as you can personalize the text for the name of your friend. You can also write the name of your business for a giveaway contest.


I Shoot People Retreez Funny Photographer

An ‘I shoot people’ sign and a camera to avoid confusion are all you need if you like to capture portraits or do street photography.


Oh Snap

This cartoonish camera with its Oh Snap exclamation look perfect in any of the colorful t-shirts available for you or one of your friends.


Retreez Classic Vintage Rainbow Camera

A rainbow coming out of the lens of a vintage camera.


Mickey Mouse View Finder Classic

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll love Mickey learning to frame a photo using his hands as a viewfinder.


Kodak Film Retro Logo

Any film-nostalgic photographer will love this Kodak logo shirt.


I Can Freeze Time – What’s Your Superpower? 

The clean design with beautiful typography makes this tee the perfect gift for all photographers.


Inspirational Photography Life Quote

“Life is like photography: Focus on what’s important, Capture the good time, Develop from the negatives – and if things don’t work out, take another shot”.


Polaroid Camera Color Spectrum Logo

For all those instant-photography lovers – the color spectrum logo of Polaroid is the perfect t-shirt design.


Bring Your Creativity to Life 

This beautiful design brings together nature, a camera and an inspirational quote for all photography lovers: “Bring your Creativity to Life”.


Mayoral Photographer Print

Check out this photographer’s photographer tee.


I Shoot People on the Street

“I shoot people on the street for pleasure” – a clever play on words that make this t-shirt the perfect gift for street photographers.


Cameras Don’t Take Photos. Photographers Do

Multiple camera-holding hands show over the text: “Cameras Don’t Take Photos – Photographers Do”.


Polaroid Camera Patent

A vintage aesthetic t-shirt featuring the original Polaroid design.


Never Lose Focus

The phrase “Never Lose Focus” frames a flowered camera in this inspirational t-shirt for photography lovers.


Rainbow Camera Custom Tee 

A colorful camera with the style of a lomo is printed on the left side of the shirt giving enough space for a personalized text underneath it.


Old Style

In this design by Alan Maia you can see a retro camera with white light coming in on one side and a rainbow light coming out of the other side.


18% Grey by Ryder Design

This t-shirt might be cryptic for a non-photographer, but it’s the perfect gift for a knowledgeable one.


Film’s Not Dead Yet by serifswhiskey

If you’re a film photographer or a nostalgic one, this t-shirt with film photography roles is the one for you.


Photographer by Anajularic

“The earth is art – the photographer is only a witness”β€”an inspirational quote for all nature photographers.


Camera Melt by zomboyarts

A DSLR melting on your tee – available in different colors.


Catphomet by ShittyChallenge

Catphomet is a prophet sent to photographers seeking enlightenment.


It’s RAW by TheRealShwana

The perfect t-shirt to make a statement in the RAW vs JPEG debate.


Faces of the Past: Camera by Wiselike Studios

If all you have on your mind is photography – you’ll love this ‘camera-man’ on a suit.


Back to Basics by Thecamerajunkie

A t-shirt that doubles as a cheat sheet with all the settings from the exposure triangle.


Cameras -Vintage Retro Aesthetic by TheElevens

Different types of cameras for the photographer and collector.


Traveling Lens by tobefonseca

A diaphragm overlay over a map of the earth – perfect for a travel photographer.


Rainbow of Cameras by Georges Lefevre

Multiple film and vintage cameras in bright colors on a white tee.

Final Words

Most of the photography t-shirts in this guide come in different colors and styles, meaning there are even more options to choose from.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or gifting one of these shirts to a friend, they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.

Out of all the expensive or complicated accessories a photographer can own, surely the humble t-shirt is one of the most enjoyable.

Which of these cool photography t-shirts made you smile? Leave us a message in the comments!

Shotkit Writer & Camera Gear Reviewer

Ana Mireles is a Mexican researcher that specializes in photography and communications for the arts and culture sector.



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