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How to Print from Canva (Home Printing or Canva Prints)

Learn how to print your beautiful Canva designs using your own printer or Canva's printing service in this step-by-step tutorial.

You can design almost anything in Canva, from personalized mugs and promotional materials to baby shower invitations – so it’s worth knowing how to print from Canva.

When printing from Canva, you will have the option to print via Canva’s own service or download your wild and wonderful designs to print from your printer of choice.

In this step-by-step Canva tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to print from Canva using your own printer or using Canva’s printing service.

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How to Print From Canva

Why Print?

We live in a virtual world, with digital material instantaneously at our fingertips, so why would anyone ever want to print?

Here are a few reasons to start.

The internet may be instant but it doesn’t have longevity. A brochure or printed invite can be read at leisure and won’t be flicked away and forgotten as easily.

Printing can be a useful part of the artistic and design process – seeing your image printed gives you a new perspective.

Printing gives a more sensory experience and is more pleasurable to read.

And of course, let’s not forget that sometimes you might want to print a memory to hang on your wall for all to see.

Why Print Through Canva?

Canva is streamlined for ease of use, and even selecting your material for print and delivery is easy.

Canva’s size and scale allows the company to offer a good price on mass printing, but due to handling and shipping costs, it isn’t as price-efficient for small jobs.

Canva is a reputable company with a reputation to uphold, so their quality of printing is high and the shipping service is fast.

The range of printing Canva offers covers not only traditional brochures and printing large photos and posters, but mugs, T-shirts, invites, business cards, photo books, and more.

For each design, whether it be a mug or poster, the Canva printing process is pretty much identical.

So, how do we print in Canva? Follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Open Design

Open the design you wish to print. You can locate one in your saved files or create a new Canva design if you haven’t already got one handy.


Step 2 – Fine Tune

Once you’ve got your design ready, make any final adjustments and ensure you’re happy with it before you print.

Print With Canva or From Your Home Printer

Below we’ll take you through two options: print from home using your own printer or a professional printer of your choice, or print using Canva’s print and delivery service.

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You can also use the Canva mobile app to print your pictures and designs.

Option 1 – Home Printer or Professional Printer

Select “File” from the left of the top menu bar.

File Type

In the drop-down menu that appears below, click on the “Download” button.

Select the file format you wish to download the print file as – PDF, PNG, JPG, SVG, or GIF.

For the music poster in our example, we will select PDF as the download option.

broken lines

You can tick the “Crops marks and bleed” option if you want to prevent print bleed.

Also, tick the box next to “Flatten PDF” as this will improve the print.

flatten pdf

Choose between RGB and CMYK. CMYK is the best option for printing.

important design elements

If you’re using premium elements in your design, you will need to pay for them first.

Now hit “Download” and your design will begin to download.

professional designs

Once your Canva design is downloaded, you can send it directly to your home printer or the professional printing service of your choice.

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Option 2 – Canva Print and Delivery

To print with Canva, click the “Share” button at the top right-hand corner of your canvas workspace in the menu bar.

Scroll down the choices in the drop-down menu below the Share button and you will find the option to “Print your design”.

Click on “Print your design”.


Once clicked, you will be given a range of different options for printing your design. Note that some will not be compatible with your design layout.


For the music poster, we will select the most compatible format – in this case, “Posters (Landscape)”.

Once clicked you will be given the option to do a final check. Click “Download PDF” to download the design and check there are no errors.

projects access

Click the “Checkout” button or the “Add to cart” button when you have reviewed your poster.

“Checkout” takes you directly to finishing your order, while “Add to cart” allows you to add more products for print before you complete your order.

pdf viewer canvas

When you’re ready to checkout, the shipping details window will open and you can decide between two shipping options, standard or express.

Underneath, you will need to fill in your name and shipping address, then click “Continue”.

Now you can enter your payment details and soon your design will be arriving at your door.

How to Make Your Canva Design Print-Ready

The wonderful thing about Canva designs is you don’t need to do anything extra other than design them to make them print-ready.

Canva has you covered, everything is designed with printing requirements built in.

Just note that if you are using the free version of Canva, you will have to pay for paid elements before you can download your design for print.

Canva Print Reviews

If you’re thinking about using Canva for printing, it’s worth checking how reviews rate their printing and delivery service.

We know they have a high standard as a design platform but how do they stack up as a printing option?

If you sum up the online reviews, Canva compares well with other printing services.

They lag behind slightly on pricing for individual designs, as they are not the cheapest option, but their service, speed, and quality are rated highly.

Ready to print your Canva designs? We hope this tutorial helped. If you want to learn more, check out this post on how to create (and sell) an eBook using Canva.

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