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23 Sexy Poses for Seductive Selfies (+ Tips to Look HOT!)

Key tips on both how to take a smoking-hot sexy selfie, plus 23 sexy poses that will help you look your most seductive.

When it comes to taking sexy selfies, confidence is paramount.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera will allow you to pose naturally and confidently, thus producing selfies with the highest level of sex appeal.

And if you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry!

I’ll provide the tips you need in everything from wardrobe and lighting to angles and poses to help you achieve the results you want.

So, let’s get started.

Mastering Sexy Selfies: 23 Sexy Poses to Turn up the Heat

With the right outfit and just enough confidence, you’ll already look sexy, but a good boudoir pose can really amplify the steamy factor.

Whether you want to show off your body, your face or both, a flattering pose will truly make a difference.

So, let’s dive into some specific, super sexy tips to raise the sex appeal and your viewers’ heartbeats.

1. A Simple Smile

a close up of a person with a smile on their face.

Credit: Thais Sarmento

When it comes to selfies, your mood matters. So, how do you capture a sexy, upbeat mood?

It’s the easiest and most important fundamental people tend to forget about: show your smile.

Whether you choose to highlight your bold red lipstick with a smirk, or a full-on grin as your long hair brushes your face, starting with a classic pose showing just your face and a sexy smile will help you land the perfect shot.

2. Zip Up Or Down

Some of the poses I suggest may initially be out of your comfort zone, but that’s why I’ve created a long list of options! Some are more risqué options, while others err on the safer side, like this one.

An easy pose for a sexy selfie involves a simple cleavage shot that draws attention to some of your curves.

The beautiful thing about cleavage is that you can show as much or as little as you want! Sexy pictures don’t necessarily mean more exposure, after all.

If a minimal amount of cleavage feels the most appealing, try simply pulling the zipper down a bit on a zip-front top or bra. This will give you the freedom to adjust the zipper to your comfort and preference.

Rest your fingers on the zipper as you hold a pouty expression that’ll look absolutely stunning with your whole face and cleavage shown or even just from your mouth down.

3. Rest Your Head

a woman laying on a bed holding a cell phone.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Here’s something to level up your hot selfie poses ideas (girls, guys, and everything in between)

Few things are more comfortable than your bed, so why wouldn’t you try some sexy boudoir photography there?

Whether in lingerie or an outfit you feel hot in, you can lay your head back and tilt your chin slightly down as you angle your camera to best spotlight your features with your hair sexily spread about.

You don’t need to be a boudoir model to try this, take going topless for a spin as you play around with different closeups without revealing anything outside your comfort zone.

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4. Take a Sip

a woman sitting on a bench next to a picture of a woman drinking a drink.

Credit: Rodnae Productions (left) / Onzeseis (right)

Here’s how to take sexy selfies without breaking a sweat.

Sexy selfies don’t have to be limited to your home — think outside the box!

Here’s a good idea if you’re trying to capture creative content out at a beachside bar or a swanky nightclub, just order a cocktail and get going.

A cute smile as you lightly bite down on the straw of your margarita or bloody mary will bring a cute, girl-next-door vibe to your totally sexy photo.

5. Get Cheeky

two women taking a selfie in front of a roller coaster.

Credit: Katya Wolf

This is one of the easiest to pull off sexy poses for girls.

If you’re out with your girlfriends, you’ll have tons of opportunities for a sexy photo.

Get cheeky literally by kissing your friend’s cheek and snagging a shot or go the figurative route as your both pose with a playful wink and pout.

6. Tasteful Tongue

a woman holding a camera and making a funny face.

Credit: Ozan çulha

Here’s how to take sexy photos without getting over the top.

There’s no question that facial expressions matter when taking selfies, so choose one that accurately portrays your playful side.

Flash a smile as you stick your tongue out and wink while capturing the vacation vibes around you when you’re sunbathing in your backyard or out on the beach.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a runaway model to make this cute pose work any time of year!

Who says sexy poses for pictures can’t be silly too?

7. Get a Leg Up

a woman in a short skirt standing in front of a counter with her leg up

If you’re looking to be sexy without showing your face, try things from a different angle by sitting in front of a mirror and raising one leg straight up to show off your flexibility.

You can conveniently block your face with your phone or make your face visible if you prefer.

You can mess around shooting different poses from the ground as you gather some equally sexy and fun pictures. Knowing how to take sexy pictures creatively can definitely add more oomph.

8. Take A Dip

a woman sitting in a hot tub next to a lake.

Credit: Ron Lach

This one is the best if you want subtle and sexy photo poses.

There’s not much sexier than women in swimsuits, so grab your pool inflatable and lounge as you snap some sexy shots!

Have fun capturing your legs sprawled out from the deep end as you snag a photo of your friend in the shallow end.

9. Get a Handful

a topless woman wearing a black necklace and bracelets covering herself with her hands.

Credit: Antonio Friedmann

If you’re thinking of more erotic poses, give this a go.

Whether you’re sexting with your partner or revamping your OnlyFans profile, sexy selfies don’t require much.

In fact, the bare essentials of boudoir photography work pretty well!

So, start with a topless photo as you lay on the couch and place your hands across your boobs as you capture your cleavage and perhaps even a glimpse of a nipple if you feel saucy.

Remember – the goal here isn’t to produce more mindless nude selfies – stay within your comfort zone, and just have a bit of fun to enhance your confidence.

10. Pop a Squat

two pictures of women squatting

Credit: владимир-васильев (left) / Alteredsnaps (right)

Another idea that doesn’t center on a front-facing camera involves dropping down into a squat with your knees bent in front of a vertical mirror in your bedroom or closet.

Maybe you’ve decided to wear your best pair of jeans with some high heels and a sexy button-down tastefully opened up.

Regardless of what you’re wearing, you can capture the sexiest of selfies if you strike a pose as you drop to your knees and sit and lean back so that your bum reaches your shoes.

This beautiful booty pop with your bent knees will highlight your exquisite derrière and up the sex appeal to a level that rivals the portfolio of any professional model.

11. Play Peek-a-Boo

a woman in a pink bikini holding a lollipop.

Credit: Rodolfo Clix

Another more daring boudoir pose involves sharing a peek of your nether region as you lay down in bed in your favorite underwear.

You’ll feel sexy as you use your thumb to just barely allow the camera to peer down your underwear without over-revealing your body.

Once you get started and begin to feel sexy, you’ll be on the way to a truly jaw-dropping boudoir photo shoot that can compete with any top-performing model out there. This is definitely up there when it comes to seductive poses.

12. Not Quite a Nip Slip

a woman in a white swimsuit standing in front of a lake.

Credit: Pietra Schwarzler

Another sexy pose to try when you’re in a swimsuit and taking a mirror selfie involves letting some under-boob out.

If you’re in a bikini, lift the top from the middle of the bottom to create a pushed-up look that shows the perfect amount of cleavage. After all, the sexiest poses are the ones that accentuate your assets.

13. Get in the Closet

a woman looking out of a door.

Creadit: Adrienn

Another great idea for a seductive selfie: peer out from your bedroom closet.

You likely have a vertical bedroom mirror in your bedroom, so place it across from your double-door closet and put on your favorite lingerie.

Then take photos as you stand inside the barely-open closet doors and move the camera up and down to capture your bra, undies and gorgeous curves from different angles.

Sometimes, when you’re running out of sexy selfie ideas, keeping it simple is the way to go.

14. Stretch it Out

a woman doing a yoga pose in a room.

Credit: Elina Fairytale

Want a sexy pose without looking like you’re trying too hard? Try this sexy picture idea!

There’s something truly sexy about stretching in a workout class, at home and anywhere else.

This is one of the more challenging sexy poses for women but pulling it off can be quite rewarding.

Whether you’re a yoga pro or a novice, you can get some killer footage of yourself as you stretch on a yoga mat with your hair up to show off your body.

So, roll out your mat, set your phone’s timer and start stretching as you hold an upside down pose like down dog with one foot up to get the ball rolling.

15. Switch Things Up

a woman laying on top of a white bed.

Credit: Alteredsnaps

Sometimes to make a hot sexy picture, all you need is a change in perspective.

When your go-to sexy selfie poses just won’t cut it anymore, it’s time to switch things up!

Here’s one of the best hot selfie pose ideas—girl boss-approved!

Remember some of the bed poses I mentioned earlier? Well, let’s jump back into that idea from a different lens.

Instead of lying down normally, try laying down with your head at the foot of the bed to try boudoir poses that really shake things up.

Then flip your phone to capture great shots of your face and cleavage from a fun, upside-down point of view.

Pro tip: when you’re running out of sexy pose ideas, don’t overthink it! Sexy is different for everyone so try experimenting and see what feels sexy to you.

16. Get Artsy

Close up of a woman in lingerie

Credit: Pixabay

If you’re more of a creative type, you’ll naturally want to add an artistic effect when taking selfies.

Creativity is sexy! Flaunt this by pulling off a few artsy and sexy photo ideas on your next shoot.

Try just wearing a neutral bra and panty set and standing in front of the mirror as you play around with different exposures, angles and fields of depth.

Taking selfies in this way will feel more unique and artistic, and you can add to that moody vibe by taking high-contrast photos that will translate perfectly into black and white beauties. A hot sexy photo is not just because of the pose. Sometimes, knowing how to take a sexy photo is just 100% good composition.

17. Lazy Lounge

a woman in a red top and red shorts floating on an inflatable raft.

Credit: Godisable Jacob

Similar to the pool idea, you can capture some sexy swimsuit content from a lounge chair down by the pool or even just in your background.

Show off your swimsuit, curves and your beautiful view as you take a mix of body shots from the laying down angle.

18. Lick a Lolly

a woman with long blonde hair is holding a lollipop in her mouth.

Credit: Tatiana Fet

If you liked the idea of using a cocktail straw as a prop earlier, you’ll love this tip.

Whether with a friend or solo, grab a lollipop and capture yourself seductively posing with it in your mouth or licking it.

This is arguably one of the more seductive sexy picture poses out there.

19. Blow Bubbles

a woman blowing a bubble with headphones on.

Credit: Rodnae Productions

Here’s a more unique take on a sexy selfie: grab some gum and blow a bubble.

We cannot talk about sexy picture poses without mentioning this classic pose.

There’s something sexy about blowing a bubble, whether it’s with gum or actual bubbles, so why not try both?

You can sex it up in a swimsuit and capture some summery outdoor shots as you and your girlfriends playfully blow bubbles and run around.

This is definitely one of the selfie sexy poses out there!

20. Run the Sprinkler

And if the weather outside is nice, let’s get creative with some more outdoor photos!

Try using a hose to spray yourself down for a sexy white t-shirt effect or run through the sprinkler in your swimsuit as your friend or a professional photographer captures the sexy moments.

Who knew getting soaked could make hot poses?

21. Carry a Cone

a woman eating an ice cream cone in a building.

Credit: Isadora Tricerri

Sexy poses for photos are sexier with props! Like the lollipop tip above, but an opportunity to go bigger!

If it’s nice out, head to an ice cream shop and then take some naughty photos of you licking the ice cream cone.

You can even get some cute shots of ice cream on your chin or cheek and maybe even undress a little if it spills down your cleavage.

22. Hot Dogs Get Hotter

Look, there’s really no shortage of foods that can become sexy with the right pose and a little confidence.

Think of the ice cream tip before this one. You can explore that idea even more and go sassier with a banana split.

If you’re at an outdoor gathering or picnic, grab a hot dog and have a laugh while doing a mashup of lighthearted and vulgar shots that will be equally sexy and humorous.

You can play around posing with the hot dog in your mouth, near your mouth, or even just do a sexy food fight type thing with your girl tribe as you squirt each other with ketchup or mustard while scantily clad.

Get as creative as you want here! The options are nearly limitless.

23. Grab Your Partner

a man and a woman are standing on a bed.

Credit: Ana Maria Moroz

There’s no rule saying boudoir poses have to be done solo.

Whether you set a timer on your iPhone or camera or enlist the help of seasoned boudoir photographers, you’ll enjoy a sexy photo session if you grab your partner and do what comes naturally, standing up and hugging or rolling around in bed.

So, start kissing, holding, caressing and more as your photos capture it all.

Confidence Is Key with Boudoir Photography

Woman taking a selfie in night gown

Credit: Ivan Samkov

We all know confidence is attractive, so naturally, a confident appearance when shooting selfies is massively important.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a professional model to capture sexy, confident photos.

Nor do you have to worry about taking nude selfies – you can be fully clothed and still make some sexy photos.

So, let’s dig deeper into ways to find your inner confidence and let it shine.

5 Tips for Taking Sizzling Hot Selfies

Whether you want you wish to capture a sultry facial expression or to showcase your body via boudoir photography, the following tips will help you look and feel your absolute hottest and create some sexy photos you’ll be proud of.

1. Choose The Right Colors

a woman in a red bra laying on a bed.

Credit: Valeria Boltneva

If you’re looking for a way to take selfies hot enough to set off the smoke detector, you’ll have to start at square one with an outfit that flatters your curves and boosts your confidence. Sexy selfie poses are only one part of a good boudoir shot.

If you shine bright in vibrant colors, wear hues in either lingerie, swimsuits or outfits that enhance your hair and eye color and are compatible with your skin tone. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear the colors you want, but rather that certain colors can be leveraged.

Dark-haired beauties with fair skin look amazing in jewel tones, while brunettes with deeper skin tones look downright stunning in bold reds and pinks.

Blonde babes with pale or olive skin will look fabulous in powder pink and any shade of blue.

Redheads, of course, look truly gorgeous in jewel tones, especially emeralds.

And let’s not forget the golden rule of fashion: black flatters everyone! Both slimming and complimentary, a black nightie, swimsuit or power suit is an ideal choice for any skin tone.

2. Find Your Light for a Sexy Selfie

a woman standing next to a window in a black dress.

Credit: Kate Photo

Another critical component in any style of photography is natural light.

To take a sexy selfie or boudoir photo, you’ll rely on the right amount of sunlight or a soft natural light source.

Whether you’re up in your bedroom or down in your living room, you’ll want to be close to a window to get light that highlights your beautiful bone structure and figure.

As long as you avoid the harshness of direct sunlight or fluorescent lighting, you’ll be golden.

3. Choose the Best Angle for a Sexy Selfie

a woman laying on a bed wearing glasses.

Credit: Carina Silva

Many of us believe we have a “good side” when it comes to our faces. Whether that’s true or not, capturing the side you feel is best will make you feel your sexiest!

Finding your favorite angles will come with practice, so don’t worry if the first few selfies aren’t up to your standards.

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If the straight-on look with your front-facing camera doesn’t tickle your fancy, try angling your camera up and tilting your head to the side to capture a stunning three-quarter profile shot. And vice versa — if the partly profile shot isn’t satisfying your goals, try straight on.

I also recommend trying the rear-facing camera when possible so your features aren’t flattened and broadened like they may be from the front.

Knowing your sexy angles can definitely help you figure out the best sexy poses that work for you.

4. Choose Your Facial Expression

a woman with long hair standing in front of a refrigerator.

Credit: Marcel Chagas

Once you’ve decided on your outfit and angle and found the room with the best natural light, it’s time to start deciding on your facial expression.

Will you coyly look away and snag a shot of your faraway glance at the horizon, or will you make a bold statement by pouting, winking or biting your lip?

Try them all and see what works best before one very important final step.

5. Make Eye Contact During Your Boudoir Shoot

a woman laying on the ground wearing a yellow dress.

Credit: Marcelo Chagas

While looking down or away can be sexy and feel less intimidating, looking straight into the camera is undoubtedly the sexiest, most confident move, especially in boudoir poses.

So, tilt your phone up and away, choose how much of your face you’ll show in the shot and make eye contact with the camera.

It may take a few tries to determine where exactly to hold your phone to best make eyes at the camera, but once you do, you can hold your captivating gaze and start snapping.

And if that doesn’t feel comfortable right off the bat, try starting with bathroom mirror selfies first and making eye contact that way until you gradually build up confidence looking directly at the camera.


What is the most flattering pose?

This depends on if you’re standing, sitting or lying down, but when it comes to sexy selfies, lying down and angling the camera up is universally flattering. If you’re standing and taking selfies, raising your camera high up and tilting your head slightly is best.

How can I look more seductive in pictures?

A sexy pout or biting your lip can help accelerate the sexiness, but it’s truly all about confidence, so strike a pose that feels comfortable without trying too hard, whether it’s a smile, pout or a slight smirk.

How do you pose to be attractive?

You always want to lengthen your figure to look your best, so whether you stretch your legs out or raise your arms up, creating that longer silhouette will always photograph beautifully.

How Was Your Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot? Final Words

Clearly, there are tons of techniques out there for nailing a sexy selfie in any pose from any position.

Whether you’re a professional model who’s partial to the safer side of sexy or a boudoir enthusiast determined to color outside the lines, I hope this article delivered the crash course you need to help you feel sexy in your own right.

If you have any questions about shooting your first sexy selfie, don’t be shy – leave us a note in the comments.

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