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a green mp3 player sitting on top of a cement slab with a pumpkin in the background
How to Export Adobe Audition to MP3
Screenshot of a video editor
How to edit videos in Lightroom
a screenshot of Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Media Encoder: What It Is & How to Use It
a woman in an orange shirt is dancing.
How to use Luminar Supersharp AI to Fix Misfocus and Blur
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Best Apps for Printing from Your iPhone in 2023
Impossible Things- AI RAW plugin for photographers
Impossible Things Review: AI RAW Photo Editor
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How to Use Luminar Upscale AI to Enlarge Any Photo
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How to Use the Luminar Focus Stacking Extension
What’s the BEST Way to Buy Lightroom in 2023? (For All Budgets)
Lightroom Alternative
12 Best Adobe Lightroom Alternatives in 2023 [User Tested]
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Is Lightroom Free in 2023? (2 Main Options)
other elements
How to Use the Canva Mobile App (Design on the Go)
a drawing of a group of cartoon characters riding skateboards.
How to Use Adobe Animate for Graphics & Animations
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Adobe Illustrator vs Photoshop: Key Differences in 2023
Topaz Photo AI Review: Increase Image Quality with AI
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9 Best Photoshop Apps in 2023 for Editing on the Go
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6 Most Aesthetic Photo Editing Apps in 2023
Aftershoot review
Aftershoot Review: AI Photo Culling & Editing Software
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Best Snipping Tools For Mac in 2023 (+ Tips & Tricks)
a man in a space suit is flying through space.
Affinity Photo vs Photoshop: What’s the Difference?
a picture of a bird in a body of water.
How to Cut a Video in DaVinci Resolve (and Delete)
a screen shot of a stream in the woods.
How to Render in DaVinci Resolve (+ Best Export Settings)
a black background with a bunch of different images.
Exciting Updates from Aftershoot AI Culling & Editing App 
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk.
Adobe Audition Review | Powerful Audio Editing Software
a woman sitting on a ledge next to a pool on Affinity Photo ipad screen
Affinity Photo 2 Review | Subscription-Free Photo Editor
A macbook screen showing the waveform view of an audio file in adobe audition with a yellow background
How to Remove Background Noise in Adobe Audition
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11 Best AI Video Tools to Try in 2023 (Mostly Free!)
inPixio Photo Studio vs. Photoshop: Key Differences
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk.
11 Best Video Editing Software Programs for Mac
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How to Record Audio Files in Adobe Audition
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Best Video Editing Software for Chromebook (Free and Paid)
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10 Best Video Editing Software Programs for Youtube
Top 5 Features of inPixio Photo Studio for Photographers
How to Fix Common Lightroom Problems
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Aftershoot Unleashes EDITS, Its Most Powerful AI Photo Editing App
a group of people standing in a room next to each other.
Aftershoot Launches Unlimited Founder’s Round 2 – The Ultimate CULL & EDITS Plan for Photographers
How to Bring Old Photos to Life with Deep Nostalgia
dialog box
How to Use Content-Aware Scale in Photoshop
image size command
How to Stretch an Image or Layer in Photoshop (3 Ways)
a person sitting at a table with a laptop.
How to Crop Video in Premiere Pro (and Resize it)
a man sitting in front of a computer monitor.
How to Render in After Effects (Fastest Way)
negetive value
How and Why to Use the Channel Mixer in Photoshop
existing image transparent
How to Make a Background Transparent in Canva (Fast & Easy)
How to Remove Unwanted Objects from Your Photos with inPixio
own video
How to Download Video from Canva (and Share It)
Canva home screen stock photos
How to use Canva for Beginners (Start Here! Easy Guide)
Guide to iPiccy Photo Editor, Collage Maker & Graphic Designer
an image of a person in a field.
How to Remove Objects in Lightroom in a Few Clicks
a picture of a person in a kayak.
How to Automatically Select People to Edit in Lightroom
a screenshot of a computer screen with acdsee software multiple images.
ACDSee Photo Studio Review: Image Editing Software for PC
free version
How to Upload Fonts to Canva (Step-By-Step Guide)
Building a consistent portfolio with Imagen Talent AI Profiles
Cancel Canva Subscription
How to Cancel a Canva Subscription (or Pause It)
Photo editing software
Photoshop vs. Photoshop Elements: What’s the Difference?
a person standing on a snow covered hill.
Using Gradients in Lightroom for More Dramatic Images
A Beginner’s Guide to Using inPixio Photo Studio
grouped elements
How to Group Things on Canva (and Ungroup)
File Type
How to Print from Canva (Home Printing or Canva Prints)
How to Curve Text in Canva (Fast & Easy!)
add frames
How to Use Frames in Canva (Including your Own)
animated effects
How to Draw in Canva (Plus Freehand Drawing)
a computer screen with a bar chart on it.
How to Make a Table in Canva (Two Options)
a computer screen with a book on it.
How to Create an eBook in Canva (and Sell It!)
text highlight
How to Highlight Text in Canva (Easy Steps)
10 Ways to Enhance Your Photos with inPixio Photo Studio
a screen shot of the lightroom community and academy website.
How to Benefit from the Lightroom Community & Academy
a computer screen with a bunch of pictures on it.
How to Organise Photos More Efficiently in Lightroom
a laptop with a bunch of pictures on the screen.
What’s The Best Way to Buy Luminar in 2023?
Discover your editing style with Imagen’s Talent AI Profiles
7 Popular Lightroom Editing Styles to Try Today
Best Luminar Neo Tutorials to Help You Improve Your Editing
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Beginners Guide to Using Pixelmator Pro for Editing
How to Fix Blurry Photos in Luminar Neo
How to use Adaptive Presets in Lightroom
A list of extensions available in Luminar Neo
What are Luminar Extensions (+ Do You Need them?)
How To use Adobe Fresco for Drawing and Painting
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk.
How to use Premiere Pro: Video Editing Software Tutorial
How To Create Web Galleries in Lightroom To Share Photos
How to Sync Lightroom Across Your Devices (Desktop + Mobile)
How to use Lightroom on the Web to Edit Your Photos Online
Beginners Guide to Using Affinity Photo for Mac, Windows & iPad
How to Speed up Luminar Neo on Windows & Mac
How to Use the FreePrints App in 2023
edit svg files
Using SVG Files in Photoshop (What, Why, and How)
merged layer
How to Create a Seamless Pattern in Photoshop (6 Quick Steps)
add a border
How to Make Borders in Photoshop (Colored or Decorative)
How To Get Through a Busy Wedding Photography Season
decrease border thickness
How to Draw a Circle in Photoshop (Outline or Fill)
How to use Luminar Neo with Photoshop (Via the Plugin)
How to Use Foap App to Sell Your iPhone Photos
How to Clone in Luminar Neo to Remove Objects FAST
How to Cut in After Effects (+ Keyboard Shortcuts)
default workspace
How to Locate a Missing Toolbar or Panel in Photoshop
Paste command
How to Copy and Paste in Photoshop to Save Hours of Time
How To Blur Background in Photoshop Elements
A Comprehensive Overview of Depositphotos
How to use Lightroom Profiles (vs Presets) in 2023
How to Use Adobe Audition in 2023 for Better Audio
How to split a clip in Premiere Pro
photo editing
How to Invert Colors in Photoshop (Two Options)

And yet, editing and post-processing are a huge part of digital photography. So which software you use and how you use it can really make a difference to your final images.

On top of that, the software side of things goes even further. There are so many ways that different programs can be incorporated into your photography workflow.

Editing and retouching is, of course, one of them. Software also determines how you store and organise your digital images.

Then there are creative programs for adding filters and presets. Programs for running a photography business and showcasing photobooks online. And many others.

Here, we look at both paid software and free alternatives. We go in-depth with reviews so you can work out which ones are best for you. And we give you the tools and tips you need to make the most of them.

Ready to get started? Read on!