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Best Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Apply incredible effects to your photos with the click of a button! Check out these 61 FREE Photoshop actions for photographers.

Photoshop Actions are created when you save a set of steps into an automated process.

For example, you might have an action that resizes an image and saves it as a .jpeg in a particular folder.

Thanks to the Action, all it takes is one click for that process to be applied.

As you can imagine, this is a real time-saver when you have a big batch of images that you need to process.

However, the advantages don’t stop here.

Similar to Plugins and Presets, Photoshop Actions are also useful for special effects and more complex postproduction.

Photoshop comes with some of Actions installed by default – like adding a wooden frame or coloring your image in sepia tones.

You can also make your own Actions or get them from other professionals. This article is about the latter: the amazing Actions for Photoshop that are available online.

There are tons of Actions that you can download and install. Some of them are for sale, and some are for free.

Whenever you download one, be sure to check the license.

Some of them are for personal use but not commercial; some require credit and others don’t.

Always double-check each Action for Photoshop before you use it.

My last advice is to check that they’re compatible with your version of Photoshop.

Having said this, let me recommend some of the best free Photoshop Actions around.

61 Best Free Photoshop Actions in 2023

This list of 61 free Photoshop Actions is a sample of the work that some amazing retouchers are making available online.

If you need any help downloading, installing, or using them, I’ve included an easy guide at the end of this article.

1. Tiny Planet

Tiny Planet action PS

This action takes your image (it’s best if it’s a panorama) and makes a sphere out of it, creating essentially a tiny planet.

2. Bad Print Effect

Bad Print Effect photoshop action

With this free Photoshop Action, you can turn your photos into vintage prints. It’s called ‘bad’ print because it shows the pattern of the printing, ink bleed, and simulates bad quality paper. Very old school cool.

3. Portraits 2017

Cross process fade effect

This bundle offers several free Photoshop Actions with a single download. Mostly they’re intended to enhance portrait photos, however, some of them also work very well with other types of photos.

Among these Actions you’ll find HDR, cross-processing, light leaks, fade, and others. Try them all out.

4. Retro Filter

Retro Filter free actions

This bundle offers 10 free Photoshop Actions with retro effects like film grain, fading, and black and white. Check them out and choose which one creates your favorite retro effect.

5. Light Leaker

light leaks mini collection

Light Leaker is part of the Mini Collection from Filter Grade. Within one free download, you get Photoshop Actions, retro brushes, and light leaks.

6. Winter Blues

winter blues free effects

This set of Actions will keep winter going all year round – at least in your photos. You can choose from reducing the color temperature with Hypothermia, to forming a dark mood with deep shadows by applying Blizzard.

Try each of them to find a favorite, but don’t forget that you can also apply more than one to create unique effects for your winter and snow photography.

7. White BG Removal

Automated background removal photoshop

This pack offers three separate free Photoshop Actions to suit your every need. With them, you can remove the white background from the most intricate textures. It will make any design work more efficient.

8. Dystopian Nightime Cityscapes

Dystopian nighttime cityscapes

These free Photoshop Actions designed by SparkleStop will turn your night urban pics into a dystopian nightscape suited for any apocalyptic scene.

9. 3D Bars and Tiles

3D Bars and Tiles

With this free Photoshop Action, you can turn your regular 2D photos into 3D tiles or dominoes.

10. Desert Dust

Desert Dust actions

This free Photoshop Action gives your photos a warm color glow.

11. Special Effects

Turn images into photo cube

This free Photoshop Action has different special effects for your photos, like Miniaturize or Retro Comic. My favorite is the Photo Box that creates a cube where each side has your photo on it. Pretty cool effect – check it out.

12. Instagram Actions

Instagram photoshop actions

If you want to get more Likes and Followers on your Instagram account, this package might be the one for you.

Here you can download six free Photoshop Actions to give your photos some of the most popular looks on Instagram.

13. Powder Explosion

Free powder explosion effect

With this free Photoshop Action, you can create amazing powder dance photography without making a mess in your studio.

Instead of using flour powder in the photoshoot, add it later in Photoshop for free.

14. Photo Bend

Photo bend effect

This free Photoshop action makes your digital file look like a print on a surface by bending it and casting a shadow to add depth.

15. Premium Looks

Photoshop free filters

This package of free Photoshop Actions offers different color casts to give your photos a vintage effect, plus a set of light leaks to complete the effect. All in one free bundle.

16. Photography Photoshop Package

Reduce motion blur

The photography package includes free Photoshop Actions that simulate camera effects or fix problems that might have occurred during shooting. For example, it includes Actions to reduce motion blur or create a soft focus.

17. Spooky 

Spooky halloween filter effects PS

This free Photoshop Action allows you to create animations and images for Halloween. It contains Spooky Skies to use as backgrounds for your scene. I’ve also used them as overlays to my photos with great results.

Then you’ll find the Animated Spooky Scene to create a 40-second clip and Spooky Shapes with 18 vector Halloween themed shapes to decorate the scene.

18. Turquoise Haze

Vintage photo effect Adobe Photoshop

This is a freebie for you to taste-test the Summer Haze package of actions that’s for sale. It has a beautiful color cast for your summery photos, and is equally beautiful in wedding photos.

19. Artistic Actions

Artistic Actions

With this package of free Photoshop Actions, you can turn your photos into drawings, illustrations, or watercolors with a single click.

20. Underwater Luxe

Underwater Luxe free download

This free Photoshop Action is specially designed for underwater images, although you can use it for any kind of photos and still get beautiful results.

It dehazes your photo, increases the contrast, and sharpens it. It also corrects the blue color cast and warms the skin color.

21. Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise sunset light photo editing effects

This action is a freebie to promote a complete set of sunrise and sunset actions that change the color temperature of your photos.

Remember that there’s a reason why landscape photography is often done during the golden hour: the effect is beautiful. And you can replicate it with this Photoshop Action.

22. Mermaid Actions

Mermaid actions PS

These free Photoshop Actions give a magical, enchanted effect to your photographs.

23. Infrared Photo Effect

Infrared photo effects

This Photoshop Action does exactly what you would expect: it mimics the effect of a photograph taken with infrared film.

24. Out of Bounds

3D photo action

This Action creates the pop-up effect that we all know and love: a train that comes at you through the frame or a tree that grows out of a picture.

It does require your interaction – it sometimes stops for you to select the subject, for example – but all in all it’s very easy to use and gives amazing results.

25. Tryptic

Tryptic for photos

Have you ever wondered how to split your photos into triptychs to hang on your wall or sell on your e-commerce website as wall art? Then this is the Photoshop Action for you because it will generate the panels for print and also render the 3d effect for visualization.

26. Cold Nightmare

Cold nightmare filter

This Action creates very strong shadows and increases the contrast of your photos to give you a sense of unease when you look at the picture.

27. Cool Fade

Cool fade in PS

This Action desaturates and gives a cool color cast to your photos making it look vintage and beautiful.

28. Black and White Photo Effects

20 free black white PS actions

This amazing bundle of free Photoshop Actions gives you 20 different ways to turn your photos black and white.

Included in the black and white Actions are varying levels of contrast, toning, and exposure, allowing you to go from high key to low key, sepia to selenium, and more.

29. Ice Action

Ice PS preset

This free Photoshop Action will give your photos a sharp and bold effect with a cool toning.

30. Skin Retouching

Skin retouching preset

This bundle of free Photoshop Actions makes skin retouching a breeze.

As well as smoothing skin, it will also brighten the eyes and make a great overall face retouch. It will simplify your retouching in portrait sessions.

For more time-saving portrait retouching, check out Luminar AI.

31. Sunken Sunlight

Golden haze effects

This free Photoshop Action will make your image look like it was taken at sunset by adding beautiful color to it.

32. Color Graded

Color graded 15 free presets

Check out these 15 different free Photoshop Actions which allow you to edit your photos with beautiful colors like ‘Raspberry Tart’ and ‘Sunday Picnic’. A must-have!

33. Interweaving Strips

Interweaving strips action

This package of Actions offers enough actions for you to personalize the effect as you like: diagonal, horizontal or vertical strips, different texture overlays, and more.

34. Hazy Afternoon

Hazy Afternoon action

This free Photoshop Action is used to cast a warm light on your outdoor scenes. It’s OK for commercial use and there’s a tutorial where the author shows you the steps of the action if you want to create your own personalized version.

35. Stickers and Tape

Stickers and tape effects

This amazing package of Photoshop Actions turns your photos into digital stickers or notes stuck with tape. I love this bundle and it’s all for free.

36. Pro Sharpening

Action for sharpening images

If your photos are a little blurry you definitely need this set of free Photoshop Actions that offer different techniques for the best results.

37. Twilight


Twilight Actions will make your night photographs pop by adding some blue into those dark skies.

38. ASCII art


ASCII is a design technique that creates images from 95 printable characters, but it can be used commonly as a name for any text-based art.

This bundle has five free Photoshop Actions to create four different variations of ASCII art.

39. Faux HDR

Faux HDR in PS

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range (photography guide) and it’s done by taking many exposures of your photos and combining them together to include all the information from the highlights to the shadows.

This Action creates a faux HDR effect from a single image.

40. Pop Art Actions

One-click pop art effects

Try turning your photos into fun pop art-inspired images with any of these 5 free Actions. They’re compatible with CS versions of Photoshop as well as CC.

41. Ultra Faded 

Ultra faded PS action

Ultra Faded is a bundle of different Actions that will give a vintage look to your photos. It has 24 different light leaks and color casts for you to choose from.

42. Corrupted VHS 3D

Corrupted VHS 3D

This Action creates corrupted video effects and is great for creating glitch art. The final result is editable so you can personalize it.

The VHS effect in video is a nostalgic and popular one.

43. Bella

Bella photo filters

Sweeten and beautify your portraits with this free Photoshop Action from Black Pearl that could be ideal for Instagram portraits.

44. 2 Strip Technicolor

2 strip technicolor

Make your photos look like they’re from the ’20s with this Action that mimics the effect of 2 strip technicolor.

45. Double Color Exposure

Double color exposure

Create double exposures with seven color styles to choose from. This set of Actions is free with a subscription to Envato but it’s only compatible with the English version of Photoshop.

46. Free Space Photoshop Action

Create a space effect in photos

Put your subjects in outer space with this Photoshop Action that includes galaxies and stars to create backgrounds that are out of this world. Perfect for design work.

47. Hard Lomo

Hard Lomo actions

Lomography is an exciting branch of photography made with Lomo instant cameras. If you don’t have one but you love the look, try these free Photoshop Actions to transform your digital photos.

48. Free Shifted Photoshop Action

Shifted from Shutter Pulse

This Action is part of a bundle that includes 20 Photoshop Actions and 20 Lightroom Presets. Try it out and turn your color photos into black and white with a hint of toning.

For more free Lightroom presets for mobile, click here.

49. Hologram

Hologram effect PS action

Create vibrant images that look like holograms for a fun and futuristic look with these Photoshop Actions.

50. Creamy Photoshop Actions

Creamy colors

Add a soft and creamy color cast to your photos with these Photoshop Actions that give a sweet, vintage look.

51. Cinematic Effects

Add cinematic effects in PS

Have you noticed that certain films have a specific toning to create the atmosphere? This set of Photoshop Actions changes the colors and contrasts of your photographs to give them cinematic effects.

52. Sepia Tone Photoshop Action

Automated sepia tones

Just like the name says, this Photoshop Action will add a sepia tone to your photographs. This look is beautiful if you want to go old style – maybe for some vintage-inspired wedding photos – without going straight black and white.

53. Polaroid Generator

Create a polaroid effect

Everyone loves a Polaroid – they’re fun and spontaneous! With this Photoshop Action, you can make your photos look like polaroids with 10 different effects.

54. Dust Storm

Dust Storm

This Action comes for free with an Envato subscription. It creates dynamic images with dispersion effects and flying dust.

55. Matte Enchantment

Matte Enchantment from Coffee Shop

This Photoshop Action gives a matte finishing to your photos and adds a subtle warm tone to them. It’s beautiful for wedding photos.

56. Intensity

Increase color intensity with one-click action

This free Photoshop Action is perfect for landscape photographs. It adds drama and makes the color very intense, just like the name promises.

57. Color Play

Color play photoshop action

This is a bundle of 20 Photoshop Actions that will add a great variety of styles to your photos, from bright warm yellow light to desaturated purple gold toning. Check them out.

58. Set14


This set comes with 14 different Actions to create vintage style photographs. Try them separately or combine them to give your photos a unique look.

59. Glitch Effect Photoshop Action

Glitch Effect PS template

This is another way to create those retro, VHS glitch effects. Though technically it’s more of a template than an Action, it’s cool enough to make the list.

60. Brick Mosaics Photoshop Action

Brick mosaics action

This Action divides your image into small tiles and then applies a brick texture for you to create fun mosaics with any of your photos.

61. Blurred Backgrounds

Blurred backgrounds one-click PS

If you didn’t have a fast enough lens or enough distance from your subject to create a bokeh effect at the time, you can blur the background in your photos later with these Photoshop actions. They’re great for making any subject stand out.

See also how to blur the background in Lightroom.

How to Download, Install & Use Photoshop Actions

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Actions can optimize and make Adobe Photoshop more powerful.

If you were intrigued by any of the Photoshop Actions on the list but you’re not sure how to download, install, and use them, just follow these steps.

1. Download the Action. Normally Photoshop Actions come in a zip file. This is because there’s usually more than one Action included, or because the author has added a ‘how-to’ guide or the license of use. In any case, download it to your preferred location.

2. Unzip the file. Double-click on the zip file that you’ve downloaded to open the files. You can then back up the zip or delete it, it’s your choice.

3. Find the .atn file. That’s the one that contains the Actions. Double-click on it.

4. Open Photoshop. Go to the menu Window, Action. This will open the panel where all the Actions are installed. Scroll down until you find the one that you just installed. If it’s there, skip to Step 6.

5. Load the Action. If you didn’t find the Action already installed, you can open the hamburger menu (the three lines on the top right of the panel) and choose Load Actions. When the browser window opens choose the .apn file and click OK.

6. Open an image. Now that you have the Action installed in Photoshop, you can open the image that you want to apply it to.

7. Play the Action. Choose the action you want from the Actions panel and click the play button. That’s it, just wait until it’s done. This is usually a very fast process, but it will depend on how complex the action is and how many steps it includes.

Final Words

I hope this article opened up a world of possibilities by introducing you to some of the best free Photoshop Actions on the web.

You’ll enjoy your post-production process much more by using Photoshop actions to save time and give your images that little something extra.

Do you have any Photoshop Actions that you’d like to share? Post them below in the comments section, and have fun!


  1. Faraz on April 4, 2023 at 10:56 am

    Thank you for sharing, Ana!

    Have you had a chance to explore the fantastic collection of free Photoshop actions from Creativetacos? You can find them here:

    These actions are not only new, but also fantastic! I hope you find them intriguing.

  2. Terry Johnson on December 14, 2022 at 11:38 am

    Hi Ana,

    I would like to bring to your attention some free Photoshop Actions that I have developed. These have been described on the PetaPixel website as follows. “These Free Photoshop Enhanced Filters Put the Default Ones to Shame”.

    The new filters take the form of free-to-use Photoshop Actions. Whereas Photoshop Actions normally offer new graphic elements or a means of modifying images to produce a particular look-and-feel, the Actions I have developed are different in that they genuinely extend the processing range of the basic Photoshop offering as can be seen in the supporting Medium article.

    The new filters can be downloaded from here.

    I hope you find them interesting.

  3. Lisa on March 16, 2021 at 10:41 pm

    Perhaps it will be useful to someone. is a new free, and useful Photoshop plug-in for photo retouching.

    It comes with a free retouching video course.

    • Ana on March 19, 2021 at 6:56 pm

      Thanks for sharing Lisa!

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