two women holding a balloon that says girl or boy.

23 Gender Reveal Photo Ideas (For Parties & Photoshoots)

Make your gender reveal photos the most memorable and fun they can be with these unique and funny gender reveal ideas and photography tips.

As a parent-to-be, finding out your baby’s gender is an exciting and emotional experience.

That’s why it’s such a perfect moment to capture in photos!

A gender reveal photoshoot is great for sending around to friends and family as a fun, visual announcement.

On top of that, it’s the kind of shoot you’ll want to keep and cherish forever.

Gender reveal photoshoots have skyrocketed in popularity thanks to social media and the ability to quickly and easily share your pictures with the world.

If you’re looking for gender-reveal photo ideas to help make your precious moment the most memorable possible, read on.

I’ve collected 23 of the best ideas below, plus shared a few of my own pro tips on how to nail it.

So, let’s jump in.

Why Do a Gender Reveal Photoshoot?

A gender reveal photoshoot captures one of life’s most profound and joyous moments, allowing expecting parents and their loved ones to share in the exhilaration and anticipation of welcoming a new baby.

It’s no wonder the trend of gender reveal photoshoots has grown increasingly popular – these shoots give you lifelong memories encapsulated in photos that tell a story of suspense, surprise, and pure happiness.

Plus, a gender reveal photoshoot can be a fun and creative way to announce your baby’s gender to your broader social network, allowing friends and family near and far to feel included in your journey into parenthood.

In essence, it’s more than just an announcement; it’s a celebration of life, love, and family.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most fun, creative, and memorable ways to do a gender reveal.

Funny Gender Reveal Picture Ideas

Funny Signboard Reveal

get ready for more glitter and unicorns written on a notebook.

Credit: Lukas

For this fun baby gender reveal, the expecting parents hold up signboards with funny sayings related to the gender of the baby.

For example, if it’s a boy, the sign could read, “Beware: More Dirt & Dinosaurs Coming!” and if it’s a girl, “Get Ready for More Glitter & Unicorns!”

These photos are great at doubling as a pregnancy announcement to send to friends and family.

Baby Item Juggling

For this idea, the expecting parents try to juggle baby items like pacifiers, diapers, and bottles in blue or pink.

Not only does this reveal the gender, but it also shows the chaos and fun that’s about to ensue with the baby’s arrival.

The candid moments of parents trying to keep everything in the air make for some hilarious pictures.

Messy Cake Eating Contest

Bring in the laughs with a messy cake-eating contest! Bake a gender reveal cake with either pink or blue filling inside. The expecting parents will compete to see who can finish a slice faster to discover the baby’s gender.

This is also a great one for adding laughs to a gender reveal party.

Unexpected Piñata Contents

pink and white pinata hanging from a tree in front of a house.

Credit: Ron Lach

I always find piñata gender reveals fun to shoot. It takes time to get the piñata open, so there’s ample opportunity for raucous moments and plenty of great gender reveal images.

You can fill a piñata with the traditional pink or blue candies, or, for an unexpected twist, with baby items like pacifiers, booties, or bibs in blue or pink.

The parents’ surprised reactions, combined with the falling baby items, makes for some genuinely funny and memorable moments. It’s also a great one for getting everyone involved during a gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Photo Ideas With Siblings

Sibling Balloon Pop

This gender reveal idea is all about the surprise and excitement. Let the siblings pop a balloon filled with either blue or pink confetti and capture the moment of surprise.

Chalkboard Announcement

a little girl holding up a chalkboard that says it's a boy.

Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Using a chalkboard as a prop can make for an engaging and interactive photoshoot.

Simply get the siblings to hold up a chalkboard revealing the baby’s gender. Their expressions of pride and excitement will be memorable additions to the photos.

Message on a T-shirt

Have the older siblings wear T-shirts with a message revealing the gender of the new baby.

Then, either get them to pose for a photo shoot or capture candid shots of them having fun at the gender reveal party while wearing the shirts.

Pillow Fight Reveal

two children sitting on a bed with feathers flying around them.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

For an unconventional yet exciting (and somewhat rowdy!) indoor photoshoot, organize a pillow fight.

Fill pillows with pink or blue feathers and capture the siblings’ playful and joyful moments as they find out the baby’s gender.

Confused Sibling

Introduce a funny twist to the photoshoot. You can portray an older sibling holding a baby book upside down or trying to wear newborn clothes. These comical elements can lighten the mood and provide fun-filled candid shots.

Ideas for Indoor Gender Reveal Photoshoot

Decorated Room

a blue and white baby shower with balloons and decorations.

Credit: Vidal Balielo Jr

Transform your living room into a gender reveal party spot. Decorate the entire room with blue or pink balloons, streamers, and decor items.

Be ready to capture the expecting parents’ expressions when they walk into the room.

Colorful Silhouette

a pregnant woman is silhouetted against a pink background.

Credit: Dipinder Rainu

Create a captivating and artistic gender reveal with colored lighting.

Project either pink or blue light onto the parents-to-be as they stand against a wall, casting a colored silhouette that reveals the gender.

This idea adds a touch of drama and anticipation to the photoshoot, even in an indoor setting.

Indoor Fairy Lights Reveal

Fairy lights can add a cozy and dreamy feel to your indoor gender reveal photos. You can wrap blue or pink fairy lights around a box, the parents-to-be, or the siblings.

The soft glow of the lights can create a whimsical and magical atmosphere.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

watercolor splatters on a white sheet of paper.

Credit: Lumn

Painting Reveal

The expecting parents create a painting using only blue or pink paints.

Start the painting process with both parents blindfolded, so they discover the gender only once the masterpiece is completed and the blindfolds are removed.

Capture their reactions at this moment. Not only does this idea reveal the gender, but it also results in a memorable keepsake painting that can be hung in the baby’s nursery.

Pet Participation Reveal

Sometimes my clients want to involve their furry family members, and that can make for some fun gender reveal ideas as well.

I like to get the pet carrying a note or wearing a bandana that reveals the gender. This creates a warm, family-centric atmosphere.

You can also incorporate the pet by hanging a funny sign around their neck, like “I thought I was the only boy in the family!” or “Official Toy Tester”.

DIY Volcano Reveal

This is one of those fun DIY gender reveal ideas that takes you back to high school science class.

Build a papier mache or clay volcano and then use the classic mixture of vinegar, baking soda and food coloring to do an explosive and big reveal.

Simple Gender Reveal Photo Ideas

Smoke Bomb Reveal

a man and woman holding pink smoke on the beach.

Credit: Gabriel Tapia

For a visually stunning baby gender reveal, it’s hard to go past the smoke bomb.

I find this is popular with many of my couples because it’s easy to do and cost-effective, yet adds a sense of drama and suspense to your gender reveal photoshoot.

Simply purchase a smoke bomb in the appropriate color, either blue or pink. In a safe outdoor location, get the expecting parents to ignite the smoke bomb, releasing a vibrant cloud of colored smoke.

Envelope Reveal

a person is opening an envelope on a wooden table.

Credit: Anete Lusina

For a simple yet suspenseful gender reveal, simply write the gender on a card and seal it inside an envelope. The expecting parents open the envelope during the photoshoot.

This idea is straightforward but can make the reveal moment incredibly special and emotional.

Gift Unwrapping

a group of people opening a box of balloons in a living room.

Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

Place a baby outfit in either blue or pink inside a beautifully wrapped gift box. As the expecting parents open the gift, capture their reactions.

This idea combines the traditional gift-opening moment with the thrill of the gender reveal, making for a heartwarming photoshoot.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

Baby Shoes

a pregnant woman holding a pair of shoes.

Credit: Daniel Duarte

Is there anything cuter than a tiny pair of baby shoes?

For a sweet pregnancy announcement or creative gender reveal, place a pair of pink or blue baby shoes between the parents’ shoes or on top of the pregnant belly.

Belly Painting

a pregnant woman with blue paint on her belly.

Credit: Jose Alejandro Ordonez

Make the baby bump the star of the show by painting a cute design on it that reveals the gender.

Use non-toxic, body-safe paint to paint a landscape with pink or blue flowers, a night sky with a blue moon or a pink star, or any other imaginative concept that involves the chosen color.

The photoshoot can capture the painting process, and the final reveal shot will showcase the completed artwork.

Virtual Gender Reveal Ideas

a white desk with a clock on it.

Credit: Pixabay

Digital Countdown Reveal

Schedule a live video conference with your friends and family. Use a digital countdown timer set to reach zero at the climax of the call, at which point you can reveal the child’s gender by changing your background to pink or blue.

It’s a suspenseful yet simple way to engage your loved ones.

Mystery Puzzle Game

Create an online puzzle or riddle game, with the final solution revealing the gender of the baby.

This interactive idea makes your loved ones feel involved in the reveal and adds a fun, competitive element to the event.

Interactive Poll Guess

Start a virtual meeting with an interactive poll where attendees guess the baby’s gender. Once everyone has voted, you reveal the answer. This is another great way to get everyone involved and build anticipation before the reveal.

Intimate Gender Reveal Ideas

Love Letter Surprise

an elderly man is sitting at a table reading a letter.

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Write a heartfelt letter to your partner or loved ones, revealing the gender of your baby. Seal it in an envelope and hand it to them personally or send it by mail. As they open the letter, the exciting news will be revealed.

Candle Flame Reveal

a man and woman lighting a candle on a coffee table.

Credit: Thirdman

Light a neutral-colored candle together with your partner. As the flame burns, have a hidden wick in either pink or blue rise to the surface, indicating the gender of your baby.

Puzzle Piece Connection

a puzzle piece with a blue heart on it.

Credit: Tara Winstead

Create a personalized jigsaw puzzle with an image or phrase related to your baby. Paint or color one piece in the gender-representative color. As you solve the puzzle together, the connected piece will reveal the gender.

Film Gender Reveal Party

a group of people holding balloons in a living room.

Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

Shoot a short video where you and your partner hold hands, showcasing a balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. Pop the balloon together, capturing the genuine moment of surprise and joy on film in a party format.

Shadow Puppet Surprise for Baby’s Gender

two people sitting on a porch with a light box in front of them.

Credit: Ron Lach

Arrange a small, intimate gathering with your loved ones in a dimly lit room.

Use a DIY projector to cast a shadow of you and your partner on a screen.

In a synchronized motion, project either a pink or blue shadow puppet onto the screen to reveal the gender.

9 Photography Tips for Gender Reveal Photoshoots

  1. Preparation is Key: Discuss the reveal method beforehand to ensure you’re ready to capture the crucial moment.
  2. Lighting Matters: Natural lighting is your best friend, especially when shooting outdoors. Try to schedule the photo shoot during golden hour – just after sunrise or just before sunset.
  3. Focus on Reactions: While the reveal is important, the reactions are priceless. Ensure you’re ready to capture the surprise and joy on everyone’s faces.
  4. Use Burst Mode: This is an event where you don’t want to miss a millisecond. Use burst mode to take a series of quick shots and ensure you capture the perfect moment.
  5. Use a Zoom Lens: Unless there’s more than one camera in action, a zoom lens is a good choice. That way, you can capture both wide-angle shots (to include everyone and the location) and close-ups (to focus on the parents-to-be and their reactions).
  6. Tell a Story: Try to capture the build-up, the reveal, and the aftermath. These photos will help tell a story when put together.
  7. Props and Composition: Use props effectively. Learn about composition rules and techniques so you can make sure props like balloons and cakes are well placed in the composition.
  8. Shoot in RAW: Shooting in RAW will provide you with the highest level of detail and give you more flexibility when you edit the photos later.
  9. Edit for Emphasis: When editing, remember the focus of the photos. Enhance the pink or blue reveal, make sure the parents-to-be are highlighted, and don’t be afraid to use some creative effects to emphasize the celebratory feel.
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