26 Creative & Fun Photoshoot Ideas at Home

Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean your photography needs to suffer - get inspired by these fun and creative home photoshoot ideas for 2023!

The biggest challenge faced by any photographer is a lockdown. We fall into a funk where creativity and photoshoot ideas fade.

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you pack your camera away until it’s over! Here’s a handy guide for those in lockdown looking for photography ideas – make the most of this time.    

Each of the creative and fun home photoshoot ideas and tips teaches you new photography techniques.

Our guide to extra fun photoshoot ideas covers different genres – from portrait photography to interior design.

These home photoshoot ideas will provide inspiration and guidance while building your photography skills.   

Taking photos is important to improve and stay inspired, so let’s get stuck in. 

25 Creative & Fun Home Photoshoot Ideas for 2023

1. Talk Portraits of Yourself

Photoshoot ideas - self portrait of a man with a beard and magnifying glass

To start off, here’s one of the quick and simple creative shot ideas.

Portrait photography can be done at home, with many photographers taking photo ideas from various sources and applying them to portraits of themselves.

Check out this guide which is full of fun ideas for self-portrait pictures.

Photo session ideas like using a plain background, such as a bare wall, drapes, or even hanging a bedsheet as a backdrop, can make your home photoshoot stand out.

Use a wide aperture to obtain a shallow depth of field, so your face is in focus, and the background is out of focus. 

Capture self-portraits in black and white with deep contrast to highlight facial features and achieve a retro vibe. 

2. Photograph Your Partner

Photoshoot ideas - portrait of a women leaning on her arms

If you’re searching for unique photoshoot ideas, why not capture stunning portraits of your partner – or housemate? Portrait photo sessions are among the cool photoshoot ideas for those stuck at home.

You set the scene with a model and explain how they sit and look. Try various locations while being conscious of the backdrop and lighting.

Aim for a shallow depth of field to keep the face in focus and the background blurry.

If you’re feeling frisky, take a crack at boudoir shoots ;-)

3. Capture Kids Portrait Images

Photoshoot ideas- two young girls sitting and laughing in black and white

Ideas for photography involving children are always rewarding.  If you’re in lockdown with children, capture their portraits – photographing children is a whole new ball game!

Take headshots of your kids – use the same portrait shoots techniques. 

Playtime is when kids are at their most expressive and imaginative – capturing those moments can offer some cool photo ideas.

Get down on their level and capture a fun photo from the ground up – kids face downwards as they play.

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Another fun and creative way to find inspiration is to replicate old photos from when you were a kid. Or you could go all out with a styled photoshoot on their birthday.

4. Photograph Your Pets

Photoshoot ideas - cat peering out the window of an old home

For fun photography ideas, look no further than your pets. If you have fur-babies at home, they make for very willing participants of a portrait shoot. 

Dogs and cats differ significantly in how they behave and respond to a photo direction. Dogs sit still for a shot, provided there’s a treat involved.

I find the best time to photograph cats is when they’re lounging in the sun. Cats love to follow the sun throughout the day and will move from a sunlit patch to a sunny windowsill just for warmth.

If you have a cat that loves to sit on a sunny windowsill, photograph them from outside the window.

The benefit of photographing pets sitting in the sun is the golden light’s quality and how it illuminates the subject.

5. Take Your Camera on Your Daily Walk

Photoshoot ideas - women leaving a shop wearing a mask

If you’ve exhausted all photography ideas at home, taking pictures on your daily walk is a refreshing change.

Even during lockdowns, a short excursion for exercise can be the perfect opportunity to capture some picture ideas- it’s a perfect time to grab a camera and head out. Be sure to change the route you walk daily to keep the scene fresh.

Capture street scenes, exciting architecture, neighbours, local parks, and reserves – all staples of city & urban photography.

Not only can you take a brisk walk, but also be creative – this is one of the best photoshoot ideas for lockdown. Plus, it’s a fun way to get to know your neighbourhood.

It’s the best experience if you wish to become a street photographer taking New York photos one day.

6. Photograph Still Life with Found Objects 

Still life photo of a bowl of mandarins

Here’s another simple photo idea!

Still-life photography is a classic in the realm of photo shoot ideas. Capture scenes of inanimate objects as a form of art – this genre has existed for centuries with painting and drawing.

Create scenes of flowers in vases, platters of fruit or everyday objects – be sure to consider lighting and background elements.

Set up near a window to make the most of the natural light instead of your ceiling lights that case a yellow glow. Or use on or off-camera flash units to make a scene pop.

You already have items around the house perfect for still life creative photography. Or collect found objects to appear such as shells, driftwood and dried sea-life while out on your daily walk.

7. Take up Toy Photography

Pokemon pikachu hiding in the bushes

Toys can be a source of unique photoshoot ideas.  If you have children or collect interesting toys, you have the perfect subjects for toy photography. It’s by far one of the most enjoyable home photoshoot ideas as you can also create exciting scenes to pose your subject.

Toys are desirable collector items that generate nostalgia and longing for youthful experiences.

Pose Star Wars figurines inside the backyard sandpit. Control depth of field and angle to photograph a lone Storm Trooper walking the Tatooine deserts. Check out my in-depth guide to photographing toys.

8. Make Use of the Rain

Close up of a persons suede shoes standing in a puddle

Rainy days usually end our most ambitious photography plans. Several home photoshoot ideas turn the wettest of days into a creative success. Transform rainy days into ideas for photoshoots by capturing the beauty the rain leaves in its wake.

Street photographers will tell you that shooting after the rain brings the street alive. 

Large puddles are a great way to capture mirror shots of the clouds above.

Get in close to plants and foliage as water beads on the surface – the same applies to a photo of morning dew forming on leaves and spiderwebs.

9. Photograph Water Drops

Water droplet frozen as it falls

Looking for cool photo ideas? The sight of a water drop frozen mid-fall, achieved using a fast shutter speed, is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Place a full bowl of water on the table and set the camera close to the bowl – release a drop into the centre of the bowl.

Practise timing between releasing the droplet and pressing the shutter button – check your photos each time. 

10. Clean up Your Interior Design

Beige lounge room with one chair and rug

Among the plethora of photo ideas at home, capturing your space, especially after a spruce-up, can be rewarding.  If you’ve used lockdown to spring-clean your home and rearrange furniture, be sure to document the finished product as a simple home photoshoot idea.

Even if you focus on a single room, you can experiment with angles and lighting at different times of the day. Set up your lounge or bedroom with clean spaces, cushions and throw rugs to replicate a designer magazine photo.

Use the widest angle lens available to make the room feel bigger and add a dynamic look to your lifestyle shots. It’s how professional real-estate photographers achieve pictures that sell houses.

11. Call upon Your Neighbours

Smiling elderly man opening the door to a parcel on the ground

If you have a good relationship with your neighbours, a great idea is to include them in a portrait project.

With everyone in lockdown, they’ll be looking for something to break the monotony too.

Capture fun portraits with your neighbours standing at their front gate with their homes as the backdrop. Use your daily walk to engage your neighbours to participate.

Not got any neighbours? Organise a best friend photoshoot instead – this is a fun way to organise couple photoshoots. If your friends are celebrating a special moment such as an anniversary, use this inspiration to create stunning photos.

12. Shoot the Same Scene Every Day

Cobbled street with a green scooter

A popular home photoshoot idea is to photograph the same scene every day.

A compelling example is taking a daily photo to document a young child’s growth. The images are fascinating, but the results are powerful when stitched together as a short video.

Photograph your backyard, and the view from your window or front door at the same time every day. It’s a tremendous form of documentary photography if you live on a busy street.

The outdoor space works well during transitions between seasons.

13. Conduct a Fashion Shoot

Lower body shot of a women wearing a floral dress

Fashion photography may seem like one of those photoshoots out of your league. If you live with someone that loves fashion, put together a range of stunning outfits for your photoshoot.

Direct and pose the model to showcase their fashion style in a range of full-body portraits. Work around the home, garden or park for stunning lifestyle fashion shots.

Such photoshoots build upon your model-direction skills for future projects.

14. Photograph Someone Cooking

Women cooking over a hot pan

Photographing someone cooking is a fun way to mix up the home photoshoot ideas.

Get in close as someone pulls ingredients from the fridge and keep shooting as they wash vegetables, weigh and cut up ingredients.

Capture images of the final stages of the cooking process and plate-up.

Candid photos such as this are something that people look for in visual storytelling.

15. Food Photography

Flat lay of beautiful Mediterranean food

Food photography is popular thanks to social media – people love sharing their meals.

Use the opportunity to share your #lockdownlunch with the world.

Top-down shots get the best views of plated food but don’t be afraid to try different angles. 

Creatively arranged food makes food shots look best. Placing the plate on a timber chopping board sitting on the table add more interest.

Raw ingredients and cooking utensils add to the composition and the finished product. 

It’s a photoshoot idea you also get to eat!

16. Create a Personal Documentary

View of feet standing above a pool ladder

While stuck at home, document your daily routine from your point of view.

Start with a photo of your alarm clock followed by your morning routine – from brushing your teeth to brewing your first coffee.

Photograph your working day, check the letterbox or butter your toast – take photos of everything.

The final photo shoot completes the series with a shot of your bedside clock at bedtime. Publish this series in your blog post with regular updates.

Another idea if you’re of the right age is to document your 21st birthday – you’ll look back on these in years to come.

17. Photograph Someone Working

Man grinding metal in a workshop with sparks flying

Take your home photoshoot ideas up a notch by photographing someone at work.

If your partner or housemate works from home, document their day. If someone you live with works with their hands, photograph them working on their car or building something in their workshop.

Get in close to the action as they cut timber with a circular saw or grind metal into sparks. Turn the mundane into an exciting storyboard of great photos.

 18. Get Dirty in the Garden

Person holding a bulb of flower with a women smiling in background

Here’s one of the cute photo ideas for green-thumbed photographers.

If you love gardening regularly, make it the theme of a documentary-style photoshoot.

Capture photos of boots standing in muddy soil, gloved hands pruning roses or even the dirt and sweat on a brow. Take photos of the details that form a story of a sunny afternoon in the garden.

Combine these images with shots of vegetables, flowers, garden tools and neatly planted seedlings.

19. Get Close with a Macro Shoot

Macro shot of a blue bug on brown leaves

Running out of cute picture ideas? Try this one out!

A popular creative photoshoot idea is macro photography. Macro is not just about getting up close and personal with creepy crawlies.

Photograph up close with a macro lens to see the details of insects in their garden homes.

Use a macro lens to photograph jewellery, coins, and everyday objects.

20. Use Mirrors for Creative Impact

Womens reflection in a mirror sitting in a field of flowers

Mirrors can be a catalyst for creative photography ideas.

Every house has mirrors – make the most of them for exciting mirror photos. Mirror photography ideas have been around since the first camera and provide a different perspective.

Take the photography tips learned earlier to photograph a portrait subject by reflecting on a mirror. Or use one to take a photo of yourself.

Use mirrors to take candid photos of the family as they go about their day. 

21. Clean Your Window and Shoot Reflections

Man sitting in a cafe working with a reflection of people outside on the window

Taking shots at a window from an angle allows you to capture subtle photos of what is outside and inside the house.

With a subject standing inside the home looking out the window and you outside looking in, you have the perfect scene for a portrait.

Window reflection portraits show the person’s facial features sitting inside the room. The room’s details disappear into the darkness, providing a nice contrast between the subject and their surroundings.

The window shows a ghost reflection of the scene facing the subject and adds new elements to your story.

22. Take a Bath

Women laying clothed in a tub of soapy water

This is definitely one of the simple photoshoot ideas that are also pretty easy to set up.

Have you ever seen images of a person floating in the water surrounded by floating objects? Create this photoshoot with the help of a friend and a few props.

Fill a tub and have your subject lay face up. Surround the face with floating leaves, rubber ducks, flowers or even slices of fruit. Or, run a super bubbly bath and blow bubbles into the room for added effect.

Take your photos top-down to frame the shot so their face is centred and the props float around them.

Not only will you have a lot of fun setting up the photo shoot, but someone will come out clean in the end – unless you fill the tub with milk or blue dye. (Milk bath photography is actually a thing!)

23. Rely on Natural Lighting

Girl standing by a window doing her makeup

If you don’t have access to softbox lighting kits, make the most of the available natural light.

Stroll around the house and observe the angle and quality of light coming in through the windows at different times.

Plan for a portrait or still life session optimised with that natural light.

If you have a perfect room in mind, but the light is too harsh, hang a white bedsheet across the window or doorway to diffuse the light. Bedsheets of all colors make for great backdrop ideas too.

For a dappled effect, hang lace across the light source to cast a patchwork of shadows.

Be aware of the play of shadows and how they fall on a scene or subject. Shadows create an excellent contrast between the seen and the unseen.

24. Master Artificial Light

Bokeh effect on a persons hand with a water background

Artificial light takes two forms – camera flash gear intended for photography and regular household lighting. 

With an on or off-camera flash, you control the amount and quality of light in your photography. Light stands, softboxes and beauty dishes form part of a lighting kit perfect for portrait and indoor work.

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If you don’t have access to that kind of kit, there are plenty of other solutions available in your home for a photoshoot.

Search for fairy lights or Christmas lights to use in a portrait session. With a shallow depth of field, the lights become soft blurry bokeh balls in the background.

Or, for a fun look, have your subject hold a handful of balled-up fairy lights and photograph them in a dark room.

Even a single exposed light bulb in a dark room adds a lot of drama to the overall scene – the old kind with a visible element.

My tip is to make sure to work with suitable shutter speeds and apertures to get the right depth of field and control the amount of light hitting the camera sensor.

25. Create Double Exposures

Double exposure image of a women and green garden scene

Here’s yet another of those fun shoot ideas!

Double exposures allow you to take photos of two separate scenes and blend them to form one photo.

One way is to take a photo of your model and another of a garden scene. The camera combines the images to blend the two photography concepts.

Get it right, and it looks like the silhouette of your model is the canvas for a landscape scene.

Editing apps are also available that achieve the same look.

26. Make Some Mess With Colored Powder


Credit: Michele Raffoni

Paint powder photography is an exciting DIY photoshoot activity to try if you don’t mind getting a little ‘dirty’.

You can make your own colored paint powder for photography, then set your tripod and camera on timer, ready to capture a shot of the powder raining down in front of your face.

Just remember that paint powder can stain clothes, so wear something old, or consider doing it semi-naked in your shower.

Final Words

Don’t let lockdown be the end of your favorite photoshoot ideas. Discover ideas for photos during this time and bring them to life.

This guide to creative photo shoot ideas is a beacon for photographers navigating a changing world.

Your home is packed with potential waiting for your next photoshoot. Your home, family, and even ordinary objects can become the subjects of fantastic picture ideas.

Brainstorming ideas is important if you’re lacking inspiration. Household items become fun props, and bedsheets become backdrops in a photo session. 

Dive into photography ideas at home and see your skillset flourish with practice.

If you have any other home photoshoot ideas, tips, photography inspiration, questions, or have something to say on the subject; please leave a comment below.

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  1. sattibabuM on March 2, 2021 at 3:51 am

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      Yes it is a really simple idea and an easy way to get started in long-term photography projects.
      Best of luck.


  2. Greg Cromie on February 28, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    Thanks for checking out my guide to home photoshoot ideas. This was a lot of fun to put together as I have had several months of hard lockdown to have some fun with these very ideas. Stay safe and well. G

  3. Drew Lord on February 27, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    Some excellent ideas!

    • Greg Cromie on March 1, 2021 at 11:10 am

      Thanks Drew. Let me know how you go with some of them and which ones you attempt. G

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