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Best Photo Collage Apps in 2023 (for Android & iPhone)

Explore the best photo collage apps for Android & iPhone to seamlessly combine images, add effects, and showcase your creativity on the go

This guide to the best photo collage apps (for Android and iPhone) will help you find the right tool for creating and customizing wonderful collages.

I’ve always been interested in finding ways to deal with a cluttered phone gallery.

After doing much research and trying multiple organization tools, I can finally say I’ve found a solution: photo collage apps!

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some user-friendly apps that’ll organize your shots, clips, and saved images into a well-designed digital collage.

You’ll learn how to transform multiple digital photos into one collage that you can easily share with family and friends in just a few clicks.

Aside from getting to know their basic features, you’ll also discover these apps’ advanced capabilities, including animations and AI-powered photo editing tools.

(And for those on a tight budget, you won’t even need to use paid software like Lightroom or Photoshop to make a collage.)

With this hand-picked list, you’ll surely find the right collage app for all your creative needs. So, keep reading!

What Are the Best Photo Collage Apps for Android & iPhone?

1. PicMerger

Picknger - edit photos and collages for iphone and ipad.

Key features:

  • Create photo collages with over 200+ easy to use built-in templates
  • Make watermarks and add text to photos
  • Size photos perfectly to fit Instagram dimensions
  • Customize your photo collages with 100+ custom stickers

Making attractive collages of your favorite photos is just one of PicMerger’s features.

Make each image look its best using a selection of powerful photo editing tools.

Add text and watermarks, then select from over 100 photo collage layouts and save the final image in high resolution.

You can even add custom frames, textures, borders, emojis and more to make your collages truly unique.

The free version of PicMerger is limited to free photo stitching which may be enough for some users.

The premium version ($2.99/wk) unlocks all the collage templates, custom filters, borders, custom fonts and more.

2. PicsArt

Picart ai photo editor, video.

Key features:

  • Extensive photo library with free stock images and stickers
  • Trendy photo collage layouts, photo effects, and filters
  • AI-powered features, including background swap and smart selection

Creating eye-catching collages is just one of PicsArt’s many awesome features.

Aside from being a free photo collage maker, it’s also a one-stop photo and video editing suite.

What’s unique about PicsArt is that it harnesses the power of AI to make tedious and time-consuming editing tasks effortless for its users.

For instance, its AI enhance tool automatically sharpens your low-quality images to make them collage-ready.

If you need special photos and graphics, PicsArt’s AI image generator will produce them for you.

You can even upload selfies to create your very own AI avatar!

When you’re done, feel free to share your artwork with users worldwide on PicsArt’s community feed.

You can also collaborate with others on collage projects using the PicsArt Discord server.

3. Moldiv

Moldvivi photo editor, collage.

Key features:

  • Over 220 photography filters under 14 diverse themes
  • Motion graphics video camera and selfie beauty camera
  • Hundreds of fun animated stickers, background patterns, and fonts

Moldiv is one of the best free photo collage apps for both newbie designers and seasoned photographers.

When taking snapshots, you can easily switch between a pro camera for high-definition images or a beauty camera to capture the perfect selfie.

Editing is effortless with Moldiv’s professional design tools. Experiment with blur effects, hand-picked filters, and popular magazine-style layouts.

Compare your creation with the original photo at any time, and quickly undo or redo any mistakes.

In just a few taps, you can add a variety of text, stickers, and background patterns to perfect your design.

The app supports direct photo sharing to all major social media platforms, so you can instantly upload your creations!

4. Pic Stitch

Pic stitch collage maker apk.

Key features:

  • Simple design and intuitive interface
  • Quick enhance options for high-definition, night mode, and food photos
  • Handy portrait editors for red eye, blemishes, whitening, and focus

Discover over 375 photo collage layouts, 25 filter packs, and over 20 border packs with Pic Stitch!

It’s the ultimate collage app and editor, where you can combine multiple photos, videos, and music into one beautifully framed masterpiece.

Whether you’re a casual user, professional photographer, or content creator, you’ll enjoy using this free photo collage app.

One of Pic Stitch’s many special features is a drawing editor that enables you to draw right on top of your creations.

Perfect for doodles, handmade art, or tiny details on your collage.

This app also has a category for trending layouts on social media.

This feature lets you keep up with the latest collage styles and ensure that your designs are always fresh and exciting.

5. Collage Maker – LiveCollage

A screenshot of a phone.

Key features:

  • Over 20,000 professionally-designed templates at your fingertips
  • Create unlimited freestyle, grid, and video collages and slideshows
  • Powerful photo editing tools, animations, and beauty retouching options

Say goodbye to complicated design software and time-consuming photo layout apps!

Say hello to LiveCollage, an all-in-one collage maker that makes professional-grade photo editing effortless.

This app has everything you need in one place, including a slideshow maker, video editor, AI-powered background eraser, and selfie editor.

It’s one of the best photo collage maker apps, perfect for preserving moments and memories in your own unique style.

You can create your own music video, add meaningful captions, and combine over 64 shots into one beautiful photo or video collage!

Other cool features include AI artistic filters that transform your photos into famous artworks.

Convert your snapshots into creations that look like they were painted by famous artists like Van Gogh and Picasso—only at LiveCollage.

6. PiZap

A screenshot of a phone.

Key features:

  • Festive pre-made templates and print-ready layouts at no cost
  • Photo crop and layering tools to add a new dimension to your images
  • Touch-up tools, including blemish and wrinkle remover, teeth whitening, and makeup

PiZap’s collage maker is versatile, flexible, and user-friendly, with a layout for almost every holiday, season, and event you can think of.

The app’s design tools are interactive, allowing you to make your collage and enhance photos at the same time.

No need to toggle between different tabs or workspaces.

It also has a cut-out tool to get rid of elements you don’t want, an emoji maker to personalize your own expressions, and a photo editor specifically for social media covers.

Unlike other photo collage maker apps, PiZap offers free photo storage for as many collages as you wish.

Designing photos and layouts has never been this easy!

7. Adobe Express

Adobe express graphic design.

Key features:

  • Thousands of beautiful collage templates for artistic inspiration
  • Video collage maker with expertly designed transitions
  • 2GB of free cloud storage for all your creations

Anyone can take their photo collage to the next level with Adobe’s free photo collage app.

You’ll feel like you’re working with a virtual designer as you browse Adobe’s endless library of pre-made templates, fonts, and royalty-free photos.

Do you notice dark shadows, blurry spots, or low image quality in your photos?

Well, the app has a free image quality enhancer that’ll fix your pic in an instant.

You can also resize, crop, and rotate your photo until you achieve your desired look and design.

Additionally, you can animate your collage and share personal templates with friends, all within a user-friendly interface.

As you can see, this app is jam-packed with photo editing tools and effects for you to enjoy.

8. Layout from Instagram: Collage

The instagram logo is displayed on an ipad.

Key features:

  • Remix up to 9 images into one-of-a-kind layouts
  • Splice, dice, and switch up the look of your photos with basic tools
  • Snap spontaneous shots for your collage with Photo Booth

Do you want to create a photo collage specifically for your IG story or feed? Well, that’s what Layout from Instagram is for!

It allows you to combine multiple photos into one masterpiece while flexing your creativity.

It’s compatible with Instagram’s filters and creative tools as well.

Unlike other free photo collage apps, Layout doesn’t have a built-in editor, so it’s best for users who prefer a basic and simplified collage maker.

However, this app is still full of cool features, including a faces tab that instantly detects photos with people in them.

Layout from Instagram’s Photo Booth mode allows you to take spontaneous shots and instantly view them as a collage.

All you have to do is pick your favorite layout and personalize it.

Then, save your creations to your camera roll or share them on social media!

9. Canva

Canva design, photo and video.

Key features:

  • Perfect your photos using image-enhancing effects, filters, and AutoFocus
  • Millions of free stock visuals and illustrations to fit every design
  • Color palette generator and one-click background remover

Design the best free photo collage in a matter of minutes using Canva’s easy and intuitive design workspace.

Whether it’s for a brand presentation, a social media post, or personal memories, this app has a template that’ll give you a headstart!

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to delete awkward backgrounds and replace them with aesthetic ones.

Mix and match graphic elements, grids, and frames to suit your collage’s mood and motif.

If you want to use Canva’s collage maker for work or business, the app’s real-time collaboration allows you to edit designs together as a team.

There’s also a brand kit to keep your logo, fonts, and brand colors consistent across all platforms.

Truly, Canva has everything you need to create stunning and memorable masterpieces.

10. PicPlayPost

A screenshot of picplaypost collage, slideshow.

Key features:

  • Use up to 12 frames for your video and photo collage
  • Create up to 30-minute videos and share them with viewers in 1080p or 4K
  • Stitch your favorite collages together or create a multi-collage slideshow

PicPlayPost is more than just a collage maker. It doubles as an automatic slideshow tool with a capacity of 365 pics, videos, GIFs, and collages.

Plus, it’s a live wallpaper app that offers up to 9 personalized frame collages for your lock screen.

All of PicPlayPost’s grids and layouts are fully adjustable. You can even add your own watermark or business logo to customize your collage.

You’ll also have access to numerous aesthetic effects and editing capabilities, including a funny meme maker.

This app takes you one step further than most free photo collage apps by offering full music and voice integration as well.

Liven up your collages with personal tracks from your device, or use the app’s free theme music to spice things up!

11. Ribbet

Robitm photo editing suite.

Key features:

  • Holiday-specific templates with customizable borders and proportions
  • Option to add images from Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Uploads, or any URL
  • Store multiple photos on your Ribbet library to reuse in future collages

Creating a photo collage is a breeze with Ribbet’s ultra-fast creative workspace. Crop, cut out, resize and apply basic edits instantly.

If you want to use advanced editing tools, Ribbet has them too! Experiment with professional features, like Curves and Clone, as much as you want.

Need to add text? Tap into an endless variety of fonts ranging from silly to serious.

The app also offers plenty of image-enhancing features, including blemish fixes, wrinkle removers, airbrushes, and even plastic surgery options.

All you have to do is drag and drop photos to create elegant grids, collages, albums, and more.

Plus, you can customize and reuse your own set of collage templates.

View this app’s complete list of features here.

12. Pixlr

Pixir - photo editor apk.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop collage maker with a vast library of stock images and templates
  • AI image generator provides stunning visuals based on your description
  • Pixlr Collage Maker allows instant in-app upload to social media sites

Pixlr aims to make design easy for everyone. You won’t need a creative background to start using its flexible and user-friendly collage maker.

Its suite of creative tools also includes a batch editor, which allows you to edit multiple images all at once!

Additionally, Pixlr’s one-click photo studio (Photomash) ensures that your pics will be collage-ready in mere seconds.

But wait, there’s more!

What makes Pixlr stand out among other free photo collage apps is its commitment to learning via Pixlr Education.

It grants students, educators, and interested learners the opportunity to improve their design technical skills using free video tutorials and an ad-free Pixlr experience.

13. Fotor

Ai photo editor collage editor adobe adobe adobe adobe ad.

Key features:

  • Resizable collages for effortless upload to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more
  • Collection of over 1,000 trendy photo collage templates ranging from quirky to formal
  • AI instant background remover

Fotor goes above and beyond what most free photo collage apps have to offer.

For starters, you’ll have easy access to an entire photo-editing suite.

Whether you’re into HDR photography, one-tap photo enhancement, or batch image editing, this app has it for you.

You can add text, do quick photo touch-ups, and use professional effects to level up your creations.

Drag-and-drop design elements, such as emojis, text, and stickers, make collages simple and stress-free to create.

To make a photo collage, all you have to do is choose a template and drag pictures into it.

You can easily adjust border colors, rearrange images, and add design elements to showcase your style!

Experiment with a vast amount of visuals developed by Fotor’s design team.

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Fotor allows offline photo editing using a desktop, so you can create anytime, anywhere.

14. PhotoGrid

Photogrid video collage maker.

Key features:

  • Accepts up to 16 images for photo grids and 9 clips for video grids
  • Enables quick and convenient photo editing on multiple devices
  • Explore over 10,000 stylish layouts, fun fonts, and an avatar maker

If you prefer sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly photo collage apps, PhotoGrid might be the perfect candidate for you.

Create a professional-looking collage in 3 easy steps with no login required!

Upon opening the app, head on over to their Online Editing workspace to upload your photos seamlessly.

Then, start designing—browse layouts, apply your favorite features, and make some tweaks.

The last step is to download and share your masterpiece on social media!

Note that all of PhotoGrid’s creative materials are updated on a weekly basis.

This ensures that every collage-making experience you’ll have will always be new and exciting.

This app also has an AI repair feature that lets you restore textured, blurry, or discolored photos back to life.

15. Pic Collage

Pic collage grid collage maker.

Key features:

  • Fresh and innovative stickers and backgrounds are added each week
  • Animated templates and moving objects bring action to your photo collages
  • Create collages and scrapbooks with multiple pages

Pic Collage is easy, fast, and enjoyable to use!

It’s one of the most popular free photo collage apps on our list, with a whopping 200 million users worldwide.

The app is completely free to download, with endless editing capabilities for both pictures and videos.

Need some artistic inspiration? Browse thousands of ready-to-use designs!

You can also let your creativity run wild by making freestyle photo collages from scratch.

A Pic Collage VIP subscription unlocks exclusive templates, premium fonts, and unlimited access to over 5,000 stickers and 3,000 backgrounds.

Upgrade to premium if you want to do away with watermarks and say goodbye to ads.

A premium subscription also allows you to store up to 1,000 of your precious collages in the Cloud. What more can you ask for?


Which photo collage app has no photo limit?

Gandr is a free and easy-to-use collage maker app that has no photo limit.

It allows you to combine an unlimited number of images from your gallery into one high-resolution collage.

All you have to do is select your photos and allow the app to automatically fit them in one frame.

Customize your creations by switching layouts, adding borders, and repositioning images in any way you like.

Gandr is available for both iPhone and Android users.

What is the best photo collage app for Android?

Adobe Express, Canva, and PicsArt are some of the highest-ranking photo collage apps for Android users.

These apps’ best features include real-time collage collaboration, one-click background removal, and thousands of free-to-use templates.

All three of these free photo collage apps have been awarded Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store.

They also have millions of total downloads and monthly active users.

What is the best photo collage app for iPhone?

The best photo collage apps for iPhone users include Canva, BeautyPlus, PicCollage, Collageable, and Adobe Express.

These apps are the top-ranking collage makers under the Photo and Video category of the App Store.

The most commonly used features of these apps include selfie enhancement tools, color filters, image cropping, and one-click collage creation.

What photo collage app can you use for 20 pictures?

Collageable is one of the free photo collage apps that you can use to turn 20–25 pictures into one creative collage.

To use this app, all you have to do is select the Collage feature and choose from over 200 beautiful templates.

Tap a frame, then upload photos from your gallery. You can then adjust the size, borders, colors, and background of your collage.

Lastly, select the export button to save and share your image.

What photo collage app can you use for 50 pictures?

TurboCollage, Gandr, and Adobe Express are some of the apps that you can use to fit 50 pictures together in one collage.

They’re all free to download and convenient to use as well.

Both TurboCollage and Gandr are fully-featured collage makers that accommodate unlimited images per template.

Meanwhile, Adobe’s collage maker app allows you to add as many pictures as you want as long as you’re using a blank template.

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