31 Cute & Romantic Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas

Start preparing for February 14th with these fun Valentine's Day photoshoot ideas for adults, couples, toddlers, models, baby girls and baby boys.

A Valentines Day photoshoot can help create a romantic mood and provide you with memories to last a lifetime, and perfect for Instagram.

Though many believe photoshoots are only for couples, you do not have to be in a relationship to plan a fun and exciting Valentine’s Day photo session.

Fun photoshoots help create exciting memories perfect for capturing toddlers, babies, singles, and couples.

I have been photographing families for years and have worked with people wanting to create long-lasting February memories regardless of age and relationship status.

Continue reading for some cute and romantic Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas perfect for sharing with friends and family, as well as on Instagram.

I’ve split them up into popular genres, so feel free to skip around by using the table of contents below.

What Are Some Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Adults & Couples?

1. First Date Photo Idea

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

One of your best memories as a couple is your first date.

For your Valentine’s Day photoshoot, recreate the first time you went on a date with your partner, using props, outfits, or locations to help create that magical moment.

This photo shoot idea can make your heart flutter again, bringing back memories and capturing the love in your eyes as you relive that first date.

If recreating your first date is impossible, select a different milestone in your relationship or a similar setting.

2. Picnic Time

Credit: Dziana Hasanbekava

Enjoy a romantic picnic, including a red or pink plaid blanket, confetti hearts everywhere, and champagne glasses.

Find a romantic setting, such as a quiet park, a lightly wooded area, or a calm lake.

3. Horseback Riding Valentine’s Day Photography

Credit: Jonathan Borba

Go horseback riding and have a photographer capture all the fun moments you have during your experience.

Ride along trails, stop by a lake for a rest or picnic or walk along the path holding hands as the horses follow.

4. Get Casual Photo Idea

Credit: Andres Ayrton

If you are homebodies, plan a Valentine’s Day photoshoot in the comfort of your home.

Wear casual clothing and take photos of you doing what you do – cooking dinner together, reading to each other, cuddling in front of the fireplace, or taking a bubble bath.

5. Plan a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Credit: Ana Maria Moroz

Boudoir photos are not just for single women looking to feel confident or create a gift for their partner.

Boudoir photography can be a very intimate and sensual experience, perfect for getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

Scheduling a boudoir photo shoot for you as a couple can be a unique opportunity to capture the love you share using soft lights, background props, and other romantic props.

6. Candlelight Moments

Credit: Cottonbro Studio

Candlelight creates a soft, cozy glow, perfect for establishing an intimate setting.

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Using candles, diffused paper lanterns, or a combination of both can help set the mood and provide a setting for beautiful shots of couples getting romantic.

7. Sunset Photos

Credit: Gabriel Bastelli

The Golden Hour is about one hour before the sun sets and creates a warm romantic glow.

Start shooting photos in a field, beach, or empty street as the sun sets for various lighting highlighting golden hues and create a gorgeous setting for a cozy golden hour photoshoot.

With the sun behind and almost entirely set, take silhouette photos for dramatic results.

8. Change Your Perspective

Credit: Eman Genatilan

Change the perspective from which the photo is shot for a unique Valentine’s Day image.

Take the photo from above, below, or at other angles showing the romantic couple from various points of view.

What Are Some Cute Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Toddlers?

Credit: Anna Kolosyuk

February is when love is in the air, and everyone is gearing up for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day photoshoots are not just for adults; toddlers can make cute photos too.

Continue reading to learn more about some of our cutest Valentine’s Day Photoshoot ideas for toddlers:

1. Joy Ride

Credit: Barbara Olsen

Set your toddler on their bike and decorate it with balloons and streamers perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Capture photos of them riding around at a local park, in your driveway, or anywhere else they are safe and comfortable riding it.

2. Kiss the Cook

Credit: Gustavo Fring

Take photos of your toddler in Valentine’s Day-themed apron and chef’s hat with baking utensils all around them.

Capture moments of them playing with the utensils or even tossing flour in the air.

For an added element, take some frosting, put a dollop on their nose, and capture them licking the frosting off a mixing spoon.

3. Cupid

Have your toddler dress up as cupid with a bow and arrow and many hearts surrounding them.

Setting your toddler on a faux white fur rug, dressed like cupid, is fun and makes them look so cute.

Oh, don’t forget the wings!

4. Kissing Booth

Create a kissing booth and have your toddler stand in the booth.

Fun poses can be blowing kisses, puckering up their lips, or giving kisses to their favorite teddy bear.

What Are Some Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for Models?

You have many options when taking professional photographs of models using a Valentine’s Day theme.

Here is a list of fun, easy, professional-looking photo shoot ideas you can do at home, no matter your photographic skill level.

1. Heart Shaped Balloons

Credit: Wilson Vitorino

Gather a bunch of heart-shaped balloons in pink, white, silver, and red—the more, the merrier.

Have your model carry the balloons and take fun poses, including one looking as if they are being lifted off the ground.

When using the balloons, have the model gather them close to their face and look at the camera through the bunch of balloons.

For this one, you might only capture one eye or a portion of their face, but it is fun and playful.

2. Flat Lay Photo Shoot

Credit: Mario Vallejo

A fun, unique photo shoot idea is to have your model lie down on the ground and surround them with Valentine’s Day props.

Fun props for a flat-lay photo shoot may include roses, wine, cupcakes, heart pillows, and other heart-themed accessories.

Get up high over the model using a ladder or standing on a balcony and shoot the photographs from above.

If you have enough flowers, glitter, confetti, or other props, have your model lie down on these items, and if it works, make an angel (similar to a snow angel).

Better yet, have your model lie down on a pile of confetti in the shape of a heart.

3. Roses or Bouquets

Credit: Ali Alcantara

Get a bunch of roses or a bouquet to use as a prop for your model to hold.

Have them hold the flowers in various poses, taking time to smell the roses as you capture up-close images of them with the flowers up to their face.

4. Vintage Pin Up

Credit: Alora Griffiths

Go back in time and create a vintage pin-up look for your Valentine’s Day photoshoot with a model.

Have your model dress up like a pin-up girl and create a fun setting where she can do fun activities, such as sipping on a root beer float, dancing in a 50s-style cafe, or sitting/standing by a vintage vehicle.

Remember the bright red lipstick for your pin-up girl to wear to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

5. Sweets

Credit: Constantin Panagopoulos

Please have your model cover their lips with sprinkles and then put a cupcake close to them.

Take photos for this close-up to capture only the lips and the cupcake for a fun, whimsical image.

What Are Some Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Ideas for a Baby Girl?

Are you a new parent? Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your baby girl?

You’ll fall in love with these fun baby Valentine’s Day photoshoot ideas you can recreate in the comfort of your home.

So what do you need for a baby girl Valentine’s Day photoshoot? A cute baby girl and props.

Yes! It’s that simple!

Are you ready for a fun photo session to capture your baby girl’s first Valentine’s Day?

Here are some Valentine’s Day Photo ideas for you to use shooting photographs of your baby girl:

1. Big Heart

Credit: Travis Grossen

Find a giant heart pillow to have your baby girl lie upon.

This photo can be enhanced by having a white faux fur blanket on the ground to soften things up.

2. Daddy’s Princess

Dress your baby girl in a pink or red princess dress so she is ready to go on her first Valentine’s date with daddy.

Take photos of your baby by herself and then take some with daddy pretending they are on a fun father-daughter outing.

3. Little Angel

Credit: Luana Freitas

Buy a bunch of red heart balloons and use them as a background for your little angel’s photoshoot.

Find a pair of soft, fluffy wings and a halo for your baby girl to wear.

A feather boa can add a unique softness to the photo, and a white faux fur blanket can make it look like your baby is sleeping on a bed of clouds.

4. Tutu

Credit: Kelly Sikkema

A tutu is always a fun, favorite choice for baby girls to wear in a photoshoot.

Pick a tutu color that fits the Valentine’s Day theme, such as white, pink, or red.

Wearing a tutu adds femininity to your baby girl’s Valentine’s photos without looking too over the top.

5. Baby on the Bed

Credit: Nastia Ligrain

Cover the bed with many heart-shaped pillows and red, white, and pink blankets, and put them in cute Valentine’s Day pajamas.

Take many photos with your baby in different positions and if you have a cute headboard and your baby can sit on their own, use the headboard as a backdrop with lights or a Valentine’s Day banner.

6. Oversized Hats

Have your baby girl wear an oversized hat that will flop to one side where she has to grab it.

Take plenty of photos while your baby girl is wearing and playing with the hat for many fun and unique facial expressions.

7. Gift Basket

Credit: Babybum Photography

Have our baby girl pose with a Valentine’s Day gift basket full of bright-colored hearts, overstuffed teddy bears, and other fun, age-appropriate toys.

It is super fun, and the baby will play with the toys inside the basket, digging around and looking for her new favorite toy.

8. Family Love

This Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea works for baby girls and boys.

Gather up the family for a fun photo shoot this Valentine’s Day.

Create a fun-themed backdrop, gather some Valentine’s Day photo props, pose together for the perfect portrait, and celebrate your baby’s first holiday of love as a family.

9. Sweetly Simple

Place your baby in a cute Valentine’s Day onesie and place a giant cut-out heart or card next to them.

To add to the sweetness of the image, put your baby girl in a huge headband flower and have lots of flowers in vases in the background.

What Are Some Valentines Day Photoshoot Ideas for a Baby Boy?

Credit: Nicollazzi Xiong

Planning a photo shoot of your baby boy for his first Valentine’s Day can be just as fun and exciting as creating photos with your baby girl.

It is possible to create gorgeous photos of your children using creative photo ideas using unique Valentine’s Day props and unique backgrounds.

Here are some Valentines Day Photo ideas for you to use shooting photographs of your baby boy:

1. Mom’s Big Date

Credit: Esudroff

Dress your baby boy in a cute outfit with a bowtie to add a timeless look and a touch of sophistication, perfect for a Valentine’s Day date with mom.

Take photos of your little man in his outfit, and then have mom jump in the pictures for some fun mother-son portraits.

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2. Sweet Kisses

A neutral backdrop and your baby boy in a diaper are all you need for this Valentine’s Day photoshoot idea.

Have mom put on bright red lipstick and leave kiss prints all over the baby’s chest and face.

Capture the moment when mom kisses her son for unique memories for the two to cherish forever.

3. Conversation Hearts

Credit: Victoria Akvarel

Using a fun, festive Valentine’s Day backdrop, you can take adorable photos of your baby boy holding hearts with entertaining handmade conversations.

You can also use construction paper to cut out hearts and write things like “I love you” or “Kiss me,” on them and hang them up on the backdrop.

4. Pom Pom Baby Hat

Credit: Jill Wellington

If it’s snowing outside, make a crochet pom pom baby hat for your child and take them out for fun shots with a snowy backdrop.

Get creative and draw hearts in the snow, use food coloring to make red designs in the snow, or make heart-shaped snowballs.

If it’s not snowing, your baby boy wearing the pom pom hat can still work indoors, especially if you find a fun background or cute prop.

Bonus: What Valentine’s Backdrop Should I use?

When creating or selecting a backdrop for your Valentine’s Day photoshoot, a little creativity goes a long way.

First, you can look for what you already have at home or places you can easily access.

A white brick wall, wooden fence, or a beautiful lake can give you unique and unforgettable backgrounds for your upcoming romantic photoshoot.

Second, you can purchase Valentine-themed backdrops, including those in solid red, white, or pink, or one with lots of hearts.

Finally, enhance the look of the solid background by adding strings of lights to add color or lighting elements to the scene.

Additional Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Background ideas may include:

A flower wall is a soft, romantic option when creating a backdrop for a Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

A foil fringe curtain wall offers a glamorous look and makes a shimmering backdrop for a romantic photoshoot.

A heart-covered wall is very easy to make using colored paper and provides a cute backdrop for Valentine’s Day photos.

A white sheet or blanket makes an easy, affordable backdrop for Valentine’s Day photoshoot.

Giant windows decorated with twinkling lights, flowers, and other Valentine’s Day props create a unique festive environment for a photo shoot for couples, kids, or families.

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