a young man sitting on top of a wooden structure.

27 Unique Senior Picture Ideas for Guys (+ Photo Poses)

Make sure you look your best when graduating with this guide to the most unique, creative and fun senior picture ideas for guys of all sizes.

If you’re a portrait photographer looking for some senior picture ideas for guys, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this article.

You’ll also find it helpful if you’re a senior guy who’s having a photo session or if you want to take your own senior portrait.

In general, you’ll find senior picture poses, locations, and activities to get your creativity going.

I should also say that most senior picture ideas for guys also work as picture ideas for senior girls. Remember that beauty is genderless.

So, let’s get you ready for your senior session.

27 Senior Picture Ideas for Guys

1. Standard headshot photo

a young man in a suit and tie smiling.

Credit: Dellon Thomas

It’s always a good idea to include a classic headshot in your senior photo session. A headshot not only is a beautiful memory, but it’s also useful.

After your senior year, you might need a good photo to apply for college, jobs, etc. Plus, you might want a more serious look for your social profiles.

2. Doing your favorite sport

a man kicking a soccer ball in front of a building.

Credit: Ivan Siarbolin

Sports photography is the base for many senior picture ideas for guys or girls. You can take action shots, use a baseball field as location, or use sports-related props such as a soccer ball.

3. Action shots

a person is jumping in the air on a rock in front of the ocean.

Credit: Rachel Claire

Action shots make amazing senior pictures. If you’re not the sporty guy, that’s OK. You can take great shots jumping or running towards the camera.

4. Capture a winning smile

a young man leaning against a railing.

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

The best senior pictures always feature a great smile. If you’re having trouble getting a natural smile while posing, try using photo prompts, make relaxation exercises, or think of fun memories.

5. Visit different locations

a guy sitting in front of water.

Credit: антон леонардович варфоломеев

Having senior photo sessions on location is a great idea. Try different settings to achieve different moods. You can go to the park, an abandoned building, or the historical centre in your city. The possibilities are endless.

6. On the ground

a man lying in grass with a tattoo on his leg.

Credit: Roman Odintsov

If you’re looking for a relaxing look, try some senior picture poses on the ground. You can be lying down or on your side. Also, try some sitting poses, some with your legs crossed, then with one leg bent and the other extended and so on.

7. Use graffiti as a background

a man in a red sweater and glasses standing in front of a wall with a graffiti.

Credit: Tnarg

Graffiti is the perfect senior picture backdrop if you want your photos with an urban look. Find a graffiti that you like or you can interact with. Just make sure that it isn’t too distracting.

Remember that you should be the focal point of your senior pictures.

8. A close-up

a man wearing a black shirt and black ear cuffs.

Credit: Doug Bolton

Most guys don’t experiment with close-ups because it’s awkward having the camera a few inches from you. However, if you use a telephoto lens, you can have a great photo that feels natural.

9. In your room

a young man sitting on his bed and writing in a notebook.

Credit: Mart Productions

Doing a few photos of your session in your room can lead to great senior photo ideas. Often seniors move out of the family home to study college in a different state or even abroad.

So, capturing some memories in your room can be a great choice and a ‘solo’ family photoshoot of sorts.

10. A silhouette

a silhouette of a man standing on top of rocks at sunset.

Credit: Chei Ki

A silhouette is a fun senior picture idea. You can do it outdoors during the golden hour to have the sun behind you. Otherwise, you can do it in front of a window or at the photography studio.

11. Try different poses


Often the most difficult part of the session is finding good senior picture-posing ideas. Most senior guys aren’t professional models (and certainly won’t know how to pose like a model), so they don’t know how to behave in front of the camera.

Taking photos with props or suggesting activities to help them relax is always a good idea. Then, start with a simple pose. You can have him sitting in a chair, then ask him to lean forward. I

f you prefer standing poses, tell him to put his hands in his pockets and put the weight on one leg.

You can use posing cards or make an album on Pinterest to have visual aids on how to pose.

12. Go black and white

a black and white photo of a young man smiling.

Credit: Stefan Stefancik

Convert some of your senior photos to black and white to give them a timeless look – this works especially well for college prom pictures. You don’t need to have professional software, you can do this with a photo editing app on your phone.

13. Use a stool or a high chair

two pictures of a man sitting on a wooden box.

Credit: Gustavo Rangel

Using a stool is great for senior portraits. It will give variety to your photos as you can change poses around it. Also, having something to lean on helps the model relax and look more natural.

14. Experiment with perspective

a young man sitting on a red chair in front of a brick wall.

Credit: Jeffrey Reed

Not all portraits need to be at chest level. If you experiment with different angles, you might end up with some great senior picture ideas for guys.

Try putting the camera on the floor and looking into it as if you were peeking into a bottomless pit, or lay on the floor and take the picture from the top.

15. Don’t be afraid of makeup

a young man in an orange jacket and red lipstick.

Credit: Rdne Stock Project

Makeup is genderless, if it portrays your personality – wear makeup for your senior photos. It’s a great way to add a pop of color, and it can help enhance your best features.

16. A photo of your first car

a man driving a truck with sunglasses on.

Credit: Darwis Alwan

In many countries, seniors reach the age when they can get their driver’s licenses. If you’re getting your first car for your high school graduation, posing in front or inside is one of the best senior picture ideas for guys.

This one’s a great graduation picture idea you’ll often see on social media, no matter what car the guy drives.

17. Add an element in the foreground

a young asian man looking out of a window.

Credit: Henry de Guzman

Shy guys may find a senior photography session a bit outside of their comfort zone. To solve this, you can think of senior picture ideas for boys where there’s an element in the foreground creating a buffer between the camera and the model.

Use a shallow depth of field and composition rules to make it an interesting picture.

18. Looking away

a young man in a plaid shirt leaning against a railing.

Credit: Ayman Nasar

While making eye contact is a way to create powerful pictures, having the model looking away is a great senior picture idea. If the guy is looking into the distance it gives a sense of the hopeful future that lies ahead.

19. Dramatic light

a young man wearing a tie dye shirt and hat.

Credit: Garrett Morrow

Sometimes adding a bit of drama and mystery makes the best photos. Using dramatic lighting in your portraits is a great senior picture idea.

20. Try some profile shots

a black and white photo of a man looking out a window.

Credit: Demeter Attila

Profile pics also make beautiful senior photos. You can add a rim light to contour the face or use mirrors to experiment with reflections if you’re feeling creative.

21. A photo with your closest friends

a group of young people posing for a photo.

Credit: Tim Mossholder

Senior photoshoots mainly feature single portraits. However, close friends are part of your life as a senior. One of the best senior picture ideas for men includes your best friends or your partner.

22. Coming out of school

a young man wearing headphones and holding a book in front of a building.

Credit: Armin Rimoldi

Your high school was the scenario of the good times and the bad the last few years. It’s only natural to take a few photos that capture what your life was like in school.

23. Funny faces

a young man with his tongue out on a red background.

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

A fun senior picture idea for guys is to make silly faces at the camera. It’s also a great way to break the ice and relax at the beginning of the photo shoot.

24. Include your pet

a man hugging his dog on top of a mountain.

Credit: Eric Ward

A pet is part of the family and often the one that kept you company while studying for a test or waited up for you when you were coming back from a party. It’s only fair that you include your pet as part of your senior photo ideas, even if it feels a bit like you’re posing for Instagram!

25. A photo with Dad

a man is hugging his son in a field.

Credit: Kindel Media

Don’t forget the role your parents played in your life. One of the best ideas for guys is to have a photo with Dad before you’re off to college.

26. And another one with Mom

a man and woman posing for a photo on a football field.

Credit: Genie Music

Of course, you can’t leave Mom out of the picture. A photograph of her and her boy growing up is one that she’ll treasure forever.

27. Candid photos

a young man standing on a beach with his hands on his head.

Mike Moloney

Not all senior picture ideas for guys need to be planned or posed. While a structured portrait pose can look professional, it’s also great to capture the spontaneity of the moment and you’ll have an amazing picture.

Clothing Advice for Senior Pictures for Guys


What should you wear for guys’ senior pictures?

When you’re taking your senior pictures, you want to be comfortable. So, wear something that fits you well and you don’t have to be adjusting all the time.

Part of being comfortable is feeling confident and this can only happen if the outfit fits your style. Don’t wear something that doesn’t represent you in your senior pictures or you’re not going to like them.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for advice. They should be able to provide some guidelines and ideas based on their experience.

Talk to your photographer about changing outfits too. This way you can have some casual photos and others more formal, or you can experiment with colors and styles.

If you need more inspiration, you can use the senior picture ideas for guys shown here and find a style that you like. Then, make it your own.

What is the best color to wear at a senior guys’ photo session?

Solid colors photograph well in most backgrounds for senior photo sessions. However, the hue is mainly up to your style. Maybe a vibrant color looks great with your eye color, but if your personality is more toned down, just use neutral.

Remember that you should feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, so don’t use something you wouldn’t usually use just because you read it’s the ideal look or someone else told you to wear it.

You should also avoid trending colors just because they might go out of style very fast. If they do, you might hate your photos in a year or two when the idea of senior pictures is that you look back on them fondly.

What Are Some Funny Senior Picture Ideas for Guys?

If you really want to make people smile when you graduate, here are some funny ideas for your senior portraits:

  1. Superhero Costume: Dress up as your favorite superhero and strike a pose.
  2. Funny Faces: Make a series of photos with different funny faces.
  3. Unexpected Props: Use a funny or unexpected prop, like a rubber chicken, a giant lollipop, or a silly hat.
  4. Parody a Famous Picture: Recreate a famous picture or album cover in a humorous way.
  5. Dress Up for Funny Senior Picture Poses: Wear a tuxedo with shorts, or mix and match other formal and casual clothing in a funny way.
  6. Food Fun: Pose with your favorite (or least favorite) food in a funny way, like pretending a bunch of grapes is a phone.
  7. Imitate a Baby Picture: Recreate one of your baby pictures for a funny then-and-now comparison.
  8. Funny Senior Picture Signs: Hold a sign with a funny message, like “I still can’t cook” or “Finally out of here!” for a unique senior picture idea.
  9. Unexpected Locations: Take a picture in a funny location, like a kiddie playground, a supermarket aisle, or a fast food restaurant.
  10. Inflatable Costumes: Wear an inflatable dinosaur or sumo wrestler costume for a hilarious effect.
  11. The Future Self: Dress up as what you imagine your future self to be. This could be anything from a successful businessman to a rock star or a renowned scientist.
  12. The Foodie Senior Picture: Pose with your favorite food or snack. This could be anything from a giant pizza to a tower of donuts.
  13. The Reverse Role: If you have a pet, switch roles with them. If it’s a dog, let them sit on the couch while you sit on the floor with a leash around your neck.
  14. The King of Lazy Senior Guys: Pose in your favorite pajamas, surrounded by video games, snacks, and maybe even a “throne” made of pillows.
  15. The Sports Fanatic: Wear all the merchandise of your favorite sports team, even if it’s over the top. Paint your face, wear the jersey, hold the foam finger, etc.
  16. The Bookworm: Get a shot of you buried in a pile of books, with only your face peeking out.
  17. The Unexpected Senior Guy Hobby: Showcase a hobby that’s unexpected or unusual. This could be anything from knitting to ballet dancing.
  18. The Time Traveler: Dress up in an outfit from a different era. This could be anything from a 70s disco outfit to a medieval knight’s armor.

If you have any other funny senior picture ideas, let us know in the comments.

FAQS About Senior Portraits

Should I bring props to my senior photo shoot?

Yes, props that reflect your hobbies, interests, or achievements can add a personal touch to your photos. This could include musical instruments, sports equipment, books, or even your pet.

How should I pose for my senior pictures?

Your photographer will guide you, but it’s important to be natural and relaxed. Try a mix of both posed and candid shots to capture different aspects of your personality.

Can I include my friends in my senior pictures?

While the focus should be on you, including a few shots with close friends can be a fun way to capture your high school years. Just make sure to also have plenty of solo shots.

Where should I take my senior pictures?

Choose locations that are meaningful to you or reflect your interests. This could be your school, a favorite outdoor location, a cityscape, or even your own backyard.

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