Want to learn about making and editing videos and movies? Whether you want to become the next star YouTuber or just want to share a fun family video on Facebook, these guides will teach you everything you need to know.

A camera sitting on a table in a dark room.
Matte Box or ND Filters – Which One Is Better for Filmmaking?
A person taking a photo of a city at night.
How to Reverse a Video on iPhone Without an App
A man holding a camera in front of a building.
Top Documentary Ideas for Filmmaking in 2023 (Research Backed)
A person holding a clapper board in front of a camera.
18 Creative Short Film Ideas for Students [2023]
A group of film reels on a white surface.
How to Convert 8mm to Digital Format (5 methods)
A city at night with a lot of cars on the road.
How to Plan, Shoot & Edit a Hyperlapse Video
A man is filming a video with a camera.
Using a Camcorder for Video in 2023 (vs DSLR / Mirrorless)
A person holding a camera on a road.
What is a Plate Shot? (+ How are Background Plates Used)
A woman is filming a video with a video camera.
How to Choose the Best Frame Rate for Your Videos
A computer screen showing a video editing program.
How to Use Lookup Tables (LUTs) for Color Grading Video
A group of women on a boat.
How to Use an Eye Level Shot in Photography & Filmmaking
A city street at night.
Frame Rate vs Shutter Speed (For Video & Photography)
a church is lit up at night.
What Is a Dutch Angle? Tips, Techniques & Examples
a computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden desk.
Best Green Screen Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)
vhs cassette in recorder
How to Add the VHS Effect to Videos (Desktop/iPhone/Android)
a picture of a bridge in the middle of a web page.
Best Video Montage Makers for Beginners (Free & Paid)
a man making a funny face while holding a microphone.
How to Remove Audio from Video (Windows, Mac & Mobile)
18 Filmmaking Tools a Beginner Filmmaker Actually Needs
12 Trending Video Cuts Every Filmmaker Should Know in 2023
How to Make & Upload a YouTube Video in 2023 (For Free)
10 Different Types of Video Editing to Know (+ Trending Styles)
camera movements
7 Essential Camera Movements (+ Playable Video Examples)
What Video Editing App Do TikTokers Use?
Is iMovie a Good Video Editor?
Which Free Video Editing Software Is Best for Beginners?
How Do I Edit a Video on My iPhone for Free?
What Video Editing Software Do Youtubers Use in 2023?
Location Scouting Tips for Film Making & Photography in 2023
What Camera do YouTubers Use in 2023? (+ Photographers & Celebrities)
How to Get the Cinematic Look on Your Photos & Videos
camera shots of couple laying down
22 Types of Camera Shots & Angles to Use in Film & Photography
What is Video Upscaling and How to Do It Properly in 2023
What is Color Grading? Photography & Video Editing Techniques, Theory & Software
How to Do a Dolly Zoom (+ 12 Examples of the Vertigo Effect)

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